Fragola, a baby food company based out of Toronto asked me if they could send us a box of their food for Huxley to try. I was so excited! I had heard really great things about Fragola. They make their food from plant-based foods that are all beneficial for a baby's growth! BUT...Huxley had been on a bit of a food strike - not taking too much interest in good foods, but really only showing a lot of interest in yogurt, raspberries and blueberries. I tried everything to get him to eat more. So I wasn't sure if Huxley would go for what Fragola was offering.

Fragola offers three textures - puréd, chunkier and chunkiest. I ordered all three. When they arrived, they arrived in a cardboard box with cardboard insulation and an ice pack to keep the food cool. They looked how real food SHOULD look. Some I looked at and though, there's no way he's going to eat this. Other I thought, I want to eat this haha. But the real test came down to Huxley...

Huxley had a bad cold when we started the food, and he didn't seem to be super interested in the foods. I tried I chunkier blend and he had a few tastes before I started spitting them out. So I placed some of the chunks on his tray and he ate them right up! It came down to realizing that he has a certain expectation of texture when being spoon fed, vs eating pieces from his tray.

From that moment on, each container proved to be delicious for Huxley. He loved Baby Parfait, Crazy Roasted Veggies, Trust Us They'll Like It (one with a big spinach base!) and Kale Yeah! I was honestly a bit shocked at how much he liked them - only because he was so picky. Needless to say, each container was Huxley approved! I felt really good about what he was eating. There were no questionable ingredients, or worry about when it was going to go bad (the expiry date was on the container along with the ingredients) - I just felt good about his nutrition, which was awesome.

The service itself is great. You can subscribe or do a one time order for boxes of 12, 24 or 36. You place your order and it arrives on the Monday or Tuesday following. The packaging is sustainable, and in fact, Bryon and I decided to keep the containers rather than recycling them because we knew we would use them again for lunches or for Huxley's food and snacks. I found all of this really convenient.

Of course, Fragola was so kind to send us the service free of charge to try, but I do know that compared to baby foods you would get at a store, it's significantly more expensive. However, I will say that you pay for what you get: great products, foods baby will actually eat, healthy, sustainable, and convenience. I think it's an awesome service for health-conscious mom's who are busy, don't have time or don't want to make their own foods but want ensure their baby is getting exactly what they need. It would also be great for parents who are working and their baby is in daycare - dinner is ready for them in a pinch! The chunkiest texture is perfect for babies who are basically eating what mom and dad eat (in smaller pieces, of course). So if you are able to afford it, I highly recommend!!!

Both myself, Bryon and Huxley really enjoyed the taste and transparency of the service!!

Thanks for letting us try your awesome food, Fragola!!