God I love wearing black.

Just before spring started I did a full closet update. I sold a lot of pieces and swapped them out for new things. My goal was to quit buying so much black. Black looks great, but it shouldn't take over your wardrobe. Yes, it's predictable and easy to style and it is also extremely flattering...but it also becomes and easy identifier. "Oh, there's Caitlin, wearing the same black outfit again." See what I mean - no matter how different the top or pants's just ends up looking the same.

I think what keeps us from buying colours is that we have a hard time styling them. When I saw this oversized pink blazer from Zara on Facebook Marketplace for $60 (originally like $100-120) I knew I had to buy it. When I brought it home I was worried I would look like I'm swimming in it since I'm very petite. I'm 5'3 and I have a small frame. But I was up for the challenge!

I've styled this blazer in 4 VERY easy ways. Most people will have similar pieces in their closet already, so you just need to find a similar pink blazer (which I've already sourced for you!) and bring together the other pieces to get the same look. The key to not looking like you're wearing your dad's jacket (my dad wouldn't wear a pink jacket - but the size is not far off haha) is to not make yourself look short. Heels helped my legs look longer. Rolling the sleeves of the jacket shortened it up, and styling it with pants and tucking in the tops also helped!

GET A SIMILAR BLAZER HERE (different price points included):

Here are my looks:


Plain white tee, slim boyfriend jeans (OBSESSED WITH THESE JEANS BTW - they are currently on sale for $39.99!), a pair of black heels that matched the buttons and you're good to go! Tee (similar), Pants, Shoes.


This jacket is the perfect layering piece for a night on the town. Yes, I am wearing all black, but the pop of contrasting colour (my red shoes) makes it more fun! Pants, tank (similar), Shoes (similar)


Wondering how you could wear this jacket to work? Add in a complimenting but fun colour like a blue and white button down! I really love how these pieces work together! Shirt (Similar), Pants, Shoes.


Love how this white and red band tee go with the pink! It's basically like the first outfit, but less plain! Tee (similar), Pants, Shoes.