I don't why, but I seriously love sparkles and sequins. Especially around the holidays.

We are getting our holiday family photos done in a few weeks (I know - we are pushing it on timing!!), and I'm so excited about my outfit this year (see last year's photos HERE) because i've incorporated sequins into my look.

This holiday season is going to be very different from previous years' for everyone. I feel sad that I likely won't be able to get photos of Huxley with Santa - something I hoped to be able to do every year. We might not get to see many family or friends over the holidays because I'm pregnant and during the holidays I'll be closer to my due date so we will have to be extra cautious with Covid cautions. There won't be any in-person Christmas parties or gatherings...HOWEVER, I still like to think that I'll get into the holiday spirit and even dress up a few times for the hell of it. Whether it's a virtual gathering or just with your family at home, don't let the spirit of Christmas (or whatever you celebrate this time of year) diminish just because things are different.

With all this being said - I've found some really pretty sparkly things to lift your spirits. Whether you decide to dress up to decorate, wear a nice top with leggings for a zoom party or look polished for some nice photos, if you're anything like me, these sparkly pieces will make you smile.