YIKES - this blog was *slightly delayed and very promised on Instagram...but I'm happy to finally have it available for you.

I mentioned this in my stories on Instgram and also in my pregnancy announcement post that this pregnancy I have really been struggling with my skin. In my first trimester I was getting these horrible breakouts that continued into my second trimester until I finally nailed down an effective skincare routine.

For starters, I’m a botox girl! And while I was planning on getting it done just before covid started…covid started. And then I got pregnant. And then I was just sh!t out of luck. I’ll just have to look old for several more month…

That being said, my skin was already looking a tad tired (not bad) but not my best. I’ve always taken an interest in skin care - probably since I was about 28. I’ve carefully selected products and researched ingredients as best I could to learn how to treat specific ‘problems’. Aging and age prevention has always been my greatest concern.

Prior to getting pregnant I had a strict routine that included oils, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinol, products that hydrate, clay masks and vitamin C, broad spectrum SPF among other things. But those were my musts.

Of course, being pregnant, there are many ingredients that should be cut out completely and also seriously avoided. My pregnancy with Huxley really didn’t result in many skin concerns other than extra attention to hydration (which drinking a ton of water and using Argan oil really helped with). This time things are different. My skin looks exhausted and almost lifeless. Crepe-y, lack of hydration, visible pores, random painful breakouts…all the fun stuff. Treating it with clean products and pregnancy safe products hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve totally had to test new products and find a routine that works. I think I’ve finally figured it out - and I’ve gotten good at stopping the crazy breakouts.

Here is what I’ve currently been using, and how each product has helped my skin (this routine would also be great for anyone with sensitive skin!) In fact, I plan to continue using all of these products in addition to my usually skincare products.

Also, what works for me, might not work for you. I researched every product I was using to see what I couldn't and couldn't use during pregnancy. And then, each product I was interested in using, I checked to see if it was safe. This website is great because the blogger is a doctor and beauty blogger so she knows her stuff. She even has a menu on her blog dedicated to pregnancy beauty. But also, check with your doctor before you start anything new during pregnancy.


I have actually been using this cleanser for YEARS and it just so happens to be pregnancy-safe! So, no change was needed here.

100% cold pressed argan oil

Argan Oil is something I've only recently started using. And I can't believe it has taken me THIS LONG to realize its benefits. I was using a serum that was argan oil-based during my last pregnancy because I experienced some skin flaking, but this is my first shot at 100% argan oil. The Ordinary has the most cost-effective option and it's perfect. My skin seriously turned around since using this. It leaves it glowing, plump and moisturized and ZERO breakouts. I am never removing this product from my routine. I encourage you to research the benefits of using argan oil. And P.S. it's great for the ends of your hair as well!

Saturday Skin - Gel Moisturizer

I discovered this moisturizer in my last pregnancy. It's honestly amazing. I LOVE the consistency - quite different from a lotion moisturizer. But when I wake up in the morning my skin looks incredibly refreshed and smooth.

Saturday Skin - Exfoliator

With my breakouts, I needed a good exfoliator. The one I normally use has ingredients that are not pregnancy-safe, so I immediately had to switch. This one ended up being perfect (and perfectly affordable) for my skin. Now, it is a smaller tube, but you only need to use it once-twice a week!

Pink Clay Mask

Generally I use this one, but I was sent the Alya Australia Pink clay mask and I actually love it, so I've been using that one. It has been SUPER effective at kicking my breakouts butt. Seriously. The second I noticed one was forming I would slather on this stuff and the breakout was gone before it started. As much as I love it, I will probably switch back to Origins because it's easier to purchase as I can buy it directly from Sephora as opposed to waiting for one to arrive from Australia. But if you have been considering Alya, it's absolutely a great product!

Vitamin C

You need to follow SkinBosses (@Skinbosses) on Instagram. They are two Toronto skin care specialists who honestly provide the best tips and advice on skin care. I've learned so much just from following them. Anyway, I learned that vitamin skin is important for your skin. I like this one because it's under $10 (lol) but also because it contains 30% vitamin C. I've noticed that the other expensive ones contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients and less vitamin C. This one is silicone based which = no breakouts!!! Yay! I've read that some have issues applying it, but I use it after I apply agran oil (I usually wait a while, but it still has a slip by the time I apply it). Also note that it can tingle uncomfortably, so if that really bothers you dilute it with a serum or moisturizer.

Hyaluronic Acid

Another product I've been using for a while. This hyaluronic acid great for hydrating the skin - however, I do find this one slightly annoying to use because it does pill when you layer it with makeup or other products. But it does work really well, especially if you are lacking skin hydration.

Drinking Water. Lot’s of it.