This year is my second Mother's Day. Despite COVID-19 keeping me and my family from going out for brunch, I'm looking forward to this day. Moms spend a lot of time caring for other's and it's great that we can enjoy a special day dedicate just for us! For me, I'm looking forward to spending time with Huxley, enjoying a breakfast and dinner together and then doing a few things for myself. Pampering is a MUST. So I decided to put together a gift guide that encapsulated my idea of Mother's Day. I chose things that were luxurious and decadent. Pretty things, feminine things. Just stuff that would make me feel special. And while Mother's Day isn't just about gifts (I can't wait until I recieve homemade gifts from Huxley), it's nice to get a treat.

Easy Shop:

I am SUCH a fan of silk! These pj's seem like the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday at in it's most fabulous form! TOP, BOTTOMS.

If you don't know what Jo Malone is....i recommend going to Sephora or Nordstroms to indulge your sense. Expensive. Beyond. But a Jo Malone cologne or candle is a really beautiful gift for someone special.

THE. PERFECT. GIFT. Enough said.

When you're 'off duty' from the kids but have no where to escape the screams and loud noises coming from obnoxious toys...go to a room and put a pair of these on. Enjoy your favourite podcast or playlist in peace.

If you're stuck on what to get a momma - think sentimental and comfort. I LOVE this charm necklace. You could even buy multiple charms for mom's who have more than one children, or get some layering pieces to go with it. Ugg slippers are also a great treat! I have a pair of Ugg boots, which I love, and I imagine the slippers are just as good. For me, lavender is a great way to calm me and make me feel relaxed. I love adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to my baths. This face mask is a dream for your skin, but I had no idea it came in lavender scent. It would be a perfect way to wind down at the end of the day.

Keeping up with luxury, these face rollers are super luxurious. They help promote circulation and when kept in the fridge, they are a cool treat for your face. If your special momma hasn't been able to justify pulling the trigger on one of these - it would be a great gift idea. Add in a coveted Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and you are all set (Pillow Talk is the best shade). And if you really want to go the extra mile, she will love a silk pillow case to protect her hair and skin.