At least in Toronto. Today we are getting between 10-15cm of snow and I couldn't be happier (I personally LOVE winter) I'm so ready for fun winter activities this year since I missed out on them last year because I was pregnant. But we do have a baby and we need to be conscious of his warmth. I want to be able to include him in as many of our winter outings as possible. So! I made sure to buy things to keep him toasty warm this year! I thought I would share the items I purchased to keep Huxley warm, for various weather conditions! Hopefully this will help some of you out as you prepare your little one for the cold and snow!

The North Face Bear Suit

I bought this for Huxley for fall and spring weather. Though it's warm enough that it would keep him warm during mild winter days, granted he's wearing warm clothes underneath. He also looks ridiculously adorable in it. We got him last season's version on sale, but you can get one this season (without the foot covers) in blue or white with pink and grey. SHOP IT HERE. You can also shop them directly on The North Face website - SOLID WHITE, GIRLS.

Fleece-Lined Hat

I know from personal experience, that fleece is warm. I have a fleece lined knit hat and it's the warmest hat I owed. I got Huxley THIS HAT before he was born, and sadly lost the grey version in H&M while we were shopping. I recently ordered another one for him in WHITE. You can also buy it in pink as well! The pom poms are super cute!

Fleece Mittens

I bought Huxley's fleece mittens from wal-mart, and I cannot find the link for them! However, this hat and mitten set (BOYS, GIRLS) would work well and it looks like they would be warm. Alternatively, you can go to wal-mart and buy a pair. They def. sell them!

Wool Bodysuit and Leggings

Not cheap, but in my opinion necessary. We took family photos outside on the weekend and put this wool bodysuit and these wool leggings under Huxley's outfit to keep him warm. They come in different colours, and we have both in blue. Today we went out in the snow, and he wore them under his snowsuit. Honestly, wool is the way to go when it comes to be outdoors in the cold - keeps them warm AND dry! Bryon accidentally put the wool bodysuit in the dryer and i was upset because I purposely ordered a size larger because I wanted them to fit all winter. I thought it might have shrunk, but it looks like he has lots of room to grow in it still, thank God! It's a tad pricey to purchase for a baby...but like i said, worth it if you plan on being outdoors a lot this winter.

Wool Socks

There is nothing worse than cold feet. It's the last thing I want Hux to experience, so I bought one pair of wool socks. They are super thick and wooly. He got a bit of snow up his snowsuit on his feet and when I took the socks off when we got home, his feet were warm and dry and didn't feel cold!

Warm Mocs

For extra warmth, I love the warm Minimocs!!! I bought Huxley a pair of these, and not only are they adorable, but they are the infant equivalent of Ugg Boots (just shorter!) they are great under snowsuits too. But also good for mild winter days!

Warm Snowsuit

I got Huxley's snowsuit from The Gap and I think it's great. I decided not to get a down filled one. he has a down-filled puffer jacket from The Gap, but decided to be more sustainable, and get him the cold control max snowsuit instead. The poly-fill in his snowsuit is made from 9.3 recycled plastic bottles, which is great. It's SO warm too! It comes in a bunch of different patterns for girls and boys or both. I got it in navy.

That's it!! Scroll below for adorable photos of Huxley in the snow and also him wearing his bear suit :)