quinny moodd stroller

Rolling with my homie!

Getting out of the condo every day is imperative to my well-being as a mom on mat leave. If I don't get out - it shows in my mood. I love taking Huxley for walks in the stroller. Often, he will have a nice nap, or just comfortably sits in his seat enjoying the sights and "fresh" air. One thing is for sure: our stroller turns heads and a lot of mom's stop me and ask me how I like it.

If you're a trendy gal, and someone who followers bloggers, you have probably seen Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing with this stroller. That's where I saw it. I fell in love with the look of it - and also how well it travels. The style I have is no longer available - or rather, it's difficult to find at stores. I did manage to track it down on Amazon, for those who are interested. My stroller is a limited edition Rachel Zoe collaboration - however, this model is still for sale in TONS of different colour combinations!

Because I had so many curious inquiries about the stroller, I thought I would offer my (NOT SPONSORED) opinion! My pros and cons are listed below the photos!


Overall, the stroller maneuvers like a dream! I can easily hold a cup of coffee in one hand and push the stroller with the other hand. This includes going over bumps, turning corners and navigating annoying clogged sidewalks downtown. The large wheels make strolling super smooth and easy to push. I love that.

The handle is padded for comfort. And the handle bar also extends, which I also really love.

It looks beautiful! Which is not a factor for some, but for me it was. I wanted something that looked good. I'm HUGE fan of cognac leather, and the look of this stroller is totally my style!

Bryon and I travel a lot. We often go away on the weekends, and although we haven't been lately, we are going to start flying again to destinations. This stroller folds COMPLETELY FLAT! The seat pops out and sits on top of the frame like a turtle shell. This makes for extra space in our car. However, we have an SUV with a large trunk, and I have read reviews that it's actually bulky an doesn't stow away in cars easily.

It POPS open with the push of a 'button'. It's more like a clip, but it's extremely simple. And it slides forward to fold when collapsing it.

It comes with the adapters for am infant seat. We have the matching Maxi Cosi infant seat, which we used when Huxley was a newborn, and the clip in and out was VERY helpful. Eventually when Huxley outgrew his infant seat, we clipped in the original seat.

The seat has three different positions, which both myself AND Huxley love. When we first put him in the large seat, we used the middle recline and full recline. As he grew larger he could sit in the upright position, which allowed him to see more. We don't use the middle recline much anymore, but he often naps in his stroller and I fully recline him for this and he always enjoys a good long nap in deep sleep! The seat faces rear or forward (not ready to face Hux forward yet lol)

There is an adjustable footrest that has three positions. Huxley can finally JUST reach the first adjustment with his feet. The handle can also be removed. We only recently added this handle bar (maybe about a month ago) because prior it did not serve any purpose - Huxley couldn't reach it. Now that he can reach it, it's pretty cute watching him hold it sometimes.

Overall, I think this stroller is great for a family with one child. I do a lot of walking - often on trails (particularly the Kay Gardiner Beltline Trail in Toronto) and I never have any issues with this stroller - i can one hand push it on difficult terrains. Huxley always seems comfy in it as well, and we do get a lot of compliments. I also love that it folds flat.


It's heavy. This is not a lightweight stroller. It weighs something like 30 lbs

If storage is important to you, don't get this one. The shopping basket is small and it usually only holds an umbrella, rain cover, maybe a jacket and a few other items. But as you can see from the photos - a bar runs directly over the basket, which is irritating. However, I use a backpack when I'm out, so it really doesn't bother me most times - unless i'm going to the grocery store.

The canopy isn't great. It's not sturdy and Huxley pulls on it a lot - sometimes yanking it off the track. It also doesn't provide him a lot of coverage from the sun, which had me worrying about him getting a sun burn.

This is not the stroller to get if you have another child or are planning on having another child and want to buy a stroller that will work when your second comes along. There is no option for a piggy back board and it def. doesn't convert into a double. Bryon and I plan on selling this one with the infant car seat if we have another baby - we will purchase one that is more practical for two children.

I know Bryon did NOT enjoy putting this thing together lol.

The break is actually a bit difficult to activate. You really have to push it down with your foot.

There's no question this stroller turns heads. But it's important that you buy a stroller that serves specific functions FOR YOU. This one works for us, despite the cons I've listed.

I hope you find this post helpful if you are on the hunt for a new stroller!!