If you're a mom and you don't have Amazon Prime, it comes highly recommended. I know that Amazon Prime isn't great at supporting local businesses, but when you need something fast (and trust, random 'needs' come up often when you're a mom), Amazon Prime can't be beat when it comes to shipping and shipping fees!

I didn't get Amazon Prime until Huxley was born. Things like nursing pads, sun shelters, stroller fans and lactation cookies were needed and a lot of items I just couldn't wait for and I certainly didn't have the time to 'run' to the store to grab things I needed. So I forked out the annual fee and started shopping. Since I know so many people who use Amazon Prime, I wanted to share some useful items I bought after Huxley was born.

*we don't order diapers on Amazon - we get our parents to pick up a box from Costco when they make a trip.

I haven't organized any of these by category - sorry!! I will also try to update this as I order more items for Huxley!

Milk Storage Bags

Now that I've started dipping into my frozen supply (I JUST stopped pumping) I have a little say on the storage bags you use. I used Lansinoh first. Don't recommend these. Several of them leaked while thawing which was SUPER annoying. Especially since it was my early milk that I pumped while in serious pain LOL. Breastfeeding moms know exactly what I am referring to.

I only used the crap milk bags for a couple weeks before I needed to switched and I ordered Ecoconut Bimirth milk storage bags and they are great!!

Nursing Pads

I tried not to use nursing pads too often because they can actually cause thrush, but because I produced A LOT of milk, I had to wear them if I was going to be out longer than expected or if I went to the gym. But when I did wear them, I found the Johnson's Nursing Pads to be the most comfortable.

Stroller Fan

I actually get asked about this fan often. We don't only use it for the stroller, but at the beach and just in generally when it's hot. It's great for those times when "a little for you, a little for me" is needed hahaha. This one in particular comes in two colours and also has an option for essential oils, which we have not tried yet.

Play Mat

This is great when your baby is getting ready to play, crawling, rolling, using a baby gym or jumper. The pieces are nice and squishy and I like the pattern and neutral colour. Our cats also enjoy it (insert eye roll emoji)

Lactation Cookies

Love the girls at Stork and Dove who produce Boobie Boons. Honestly, I probably didn't need them because I produced a lot, but I didn't want to risk not adding important milk-producing foods to my diet. Especially when there is a new baby around and you hardly have time to pee let alone eat. Not to mention, these cookies taste bomb!

Zippy Jamz

Yes, $30 seems steep for a sleeper that your baby is going to wear for about a month. But when multiple changes strike, these come in handy (especially for night time changes). 1. the patterns are super cute. 2. there is a zipper in the crotch so all you have to do to change your little one is unzip the crotch, pull out the legs and start your change. Trust - these make a huge difference.

Sun Shelter

Honestly, you need one of these if you plan on doing anything fun with your baby. lol. This sun shelter has allowed us beach days, pool days and park days without having to worry about Huxley being exposed to the sun. This BabyMoov one blocks UV rays as well.

Changing Clutch (slides into diaper bag easily)

Pacifier Holder

(love this thing)

Stroller Coffee Cup Holder + Hook

UV Blocker/Bug Net For Stroller

Great for really sunny days!

Skip Hop Jumpscape

This was actually a gift, but you can get it on Amazon and it's the best thing ever! It keeps Huxley occupied so I can get stuff done while he's awake - he is still supervised. I'm always in the same room

Swimming Diapers

These are diaper covers - they don't keep the diaper dry, but they keep things from coming out lol. And these ones grow with your infant until they are a toddler.

Halo Sleep Sacks

As soon as Huxley grew out of his velcro swaddles we moved onto the sleep sacks. He wanted his arms free. These are a great transition because there's a velcro to tighten the sack so baby feels secure.

Carter's Sleep Sacks

We started used when Huxley turned 4 months. Good for the summer, but you might want quilted or fleece for the summer.

NatureBond Baby Food Feeder (Perfect for teething!!)

Pacifier Clip Holder


We started using this when Huxley switched from his car seat clip in to the stroller seat so he wouldn't lose it. The beads are great teethers as well as they are silicone.