sun protection products

I'm a bit overbearing when it comes to sun protection. Which is why it's rare for me to have a tan. I had a skin cancer scare in my 20's and ever since, I've been diligent about sun safety. So, as you can imagine, I'm the same with my son as well. If you're looking for some ways to be sun safe this summer without having to sacrifice a walk outside or an afternoon at the pool - my favourite items are below:


Babies are advised to not wear sunscreen (even mineral sunscreen) before 6 months. Once they are 6 months old, you can start using baby-safe sunscreen. Before this point, it's really important to do your best to keep your baby covered and out of the sun. However, we all know that in some cases this can be difficult to do. UV rays are strongest between 10am and 3pm. So if you can avoid direct sunlight during those hours, that's the best way to protect your baby against sun damage and burn. Some of the products we use for Huxley to protect him from the sun are the following

UV Safe Swim Set (pictured above)

This one is from H&M. It's long sleeved, has long pants - although they are a bit short. It comes in a few different patterns for boys and girls

UV Safe Hat (pictured above)

This is also from H&M. If you're an 80's baby like me, you probably remember this style hahaha. This hat looks adorable on Huxley, but more importantly it provides a TON of coverage to his face, ears, head and neck. It also has UV 50 protection, which makes me happy.

UV Safe Sun Shelter

Bryon and I bought this sun shelter on Amazon. It's a good size. It could fit two babies and two children. It provides a good amount of shade and it also has a bug net at the front, which is helpful for any type of outdoor use. I sat in it in the rain once (long story) and it kept me dry lol. I've read reviews about it being difficult to fold back in the bag, but we don't have any issues with it. Huxley has used this at the beach, at a friend's pool and at the park so far, and he seems pretty comfortable in it and we haven't had any issues with sun burn or him over-heating. Definitely recommend this to anyone with babies and small children. We keep it in the trunk of our car just in case!

UV Safe Stroller Net

I know, I might be a bit UV-safe crazy! If you're out walking in direct sunlight though and it's super hot it's really uncomfortable for little ones to have a blanket over them - which is what I was doing BEFORE I ordered this on Amazon. This net keeps baby cool and provides sun protection :) It's also a great price!


I'm all about the mineral sunscreen now, especially if I'm on vacation by the ocean. I don't want to contribute to our dying coral reefs. It's also healthier to use. ThinkBaby is the brand Bryon and I have purchased for Huxley for when he's old enough to wear sunscreen. We are going to Hawaii in December, and will be using this. Another great brand is Baby Bum. I love their chap stick as well for adults!


When I'm out in the sun, I'm sure that I'm covered in mineral sunscreen. When I'm on the beach or out paddleboarding, I usually have UV protected rash guard on and a wide-brimmed hat to protect my scalp, neck and face. Below are some of my favourite items:

I hope some of you find these items useful!

<3 Caitlin