It has been a hot minute since I've done a fashion post!

When I was pregnant, modelling clothing was literally the LAST thing I wanted to do. But I'm ready to start again!

Yesterday was Bryon's first Father's Day (aww). Bryon slept in until 11am lol. Huxley kept me up from 2am until the rest of the day, so I was exhausted, but put on a brave face to not complain about being tired so Bryon could fully enjoy his day. We needed to get a play mat for Huxley, and after that we went out for Mexican and drank a few margaritas. We went home and watched Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. We are basically obsessed with this show right now. I could literally binge watch it for HOURS.

Anyway...outift details!!

Postpartum is a little tough when it comes to getting dressed. Not many of my previous clothing fits me. Particularly my PANTS! hahaha. I'm essentially wearing yoga pants every day all day. I'm too scared to try on my jeans and I'm not willing to go out an buy new jeans yet. Not because I'm in denial about how much weight I've gained, but more because I only started working out a month ago and I want to see where my body goes with that in the next six weeks before I spend money on pants. Plus, it's summer (maybe not in Toronto) and dressed are a great alternative for postpartum.

I really love this dress! I found it online at H&M and I thought it would be a perfect dress for casual and something I could dress up if I went out somewhere. black dresses are the best because there's so many ways you can style it. I got this fedora for my birthday from Yellow108 (a California brand), and they make awesome hats. I have a pea-sized head and can never find a cool hat that actually fits. The size small is literally a perfect fit! Not too tight and not too big. I also LOVE the colour. I would love to get a couple more from this brand, but I'll have to wait until I'm working again haha. I'd love to get their black straw fedora. I think it would be perfect for summer. And my shoes...most of you have seen these before. They are the Marc Fisher wedges. I just love these in the summer time. They're comfortable and look cute with so many outfits.

I'm excited to work on more fashion posts moving forward and getting more content on my blog again!

My Look:


Huxley's Outfit: