MY NEWBORN MUST-HAVES | mom-it monday's

I'm starting a new series on my blog!

I didn't have the intension of turning this blog into a mommy blog. It's really just a place where I can share lifestyle content related to beauty, fashion and travel. But since being a mom is a major part of my life, I'm starting to enjoy sharing that type of content too. But what is really that since I've started sharing my mommy stories, I've noticed those posts get the strongest readership...which means you guys really appreciate that content. So, every Monday I'll be sharing Mom-It Monday's. One day of the week dedicated to things I love related to kids and babies and personal stories and experience. I hope you find them helpful!

To start things off, I wanted to share my most-used items related to baby. A couple friends of mine have asked if there was anything i got at my baby shower that I didn't use or needed to take back. And the answer to that question is NO. I received so many helpful gifts, and a lot of them were on my registry. I did a lot of research for my registry to make sure I asked for the most practical items. A majority of the items in this post were items I received on my registry. To see what I put on my registry, go HERE.

These are things I have been using for Huxley for the last month that I have found absolutely useful. Not everything that works for me will work for your baby, but you might find a few items here that will really help you.



Velcro Swaddles:

My friend sent these to me when she couldn't attend my shower. These were also on my registry, but she said she used them a lot with her daughter. Huxley has since grown out of them - maybe about 2 weeks ago, but they were WELL WORTH it. He probably could still fit into them since they are adjustable, but he doesn't like his hands tucked in. He now likes them free so he can startle himself all night lol. But having them tucked in was making him aggravated so we switched to a different type. However, I would try the velcro ones out while they are really little and for as long as you can. They are so much easier than a muslin swaddle - especially in the night after feeding/changing when you really just want to go to bed. The 3-pack was all we needed.

Halo NB 3-Way Sleep Sack

These are what Huxley is using now. We may need to switch to a larger size in a couple weeks because he is so long, but for now these are great. He can have his hands/arms free so he can sleep with his hands above his head and give in to his startle reflex hahaha. But it also keeps him safe and warm. My aunt got us one for my shower (i don't even think it was on my registry) and we liked it so much we bought another one on Amazon. The zipper and velcro make them easy to use, and the swaddle part makes it nice and snug so he's warm and feels safe.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

There are so many crazy-expensive bassinets on the market right now. This one doesn't exactly look 'cute' or minimal like the style is these days, but it does the job and has similar settings to a lot of the popular ones. This was a gift from my parents, but when I was looking for a bassinet, I wanted something that wasn't going to break the bank but was more than just a place to sleep. It comes with a little sound machine that detaches if needed. The sound machine included a vibrating setting, which we use nightly. It soothes Huxley when we have a difficult time getting him down after feeding. It also has a soft light, which I use often hahaha...especially in the first few weeks when he was making weird noises I wasn't used to. I could turn it on without disturbing Bryon's sleep to check on him. It also has nature noises (we use this setting the most) and I think it rotates through three different ones, a music setting (which we've never used because I don't love the melodies) and then this setting that illuminates soft-lit stars on the ceiling (we use this one sometimes when we are in bed. Bryon and I like the stars for us too hahaha. Either way, it's a great bassinet that won't kill your budget. Now that Huxley's sight is good and he's starting to pay attention to objects, he enjoys looking at the mobile when he goes down while he's still awake. It's a great bassinet if you want something with soothing/distracting features, but you don't want to spend a fortune.

Boppy Pillow

I have used NOTHING more than I have used this pillow with Huxley. So there's thing, that I'm sure most of you mom's and mom's to be have heard of...the Dock-a-Tot. That pillow that costs an absurd amount of money and is not sold in Canada due to improper use (baby deaths) - of course there are ways to get it. But the Boppy is basically the same thing, just a different shape and SO MUCH cheaper. Huxley loves it, and I love it because I can put him down safely beside me and he look so comfy and cozy in it. When he starts to roll I won't be able to use it on high surfaces, but for now it's great. I take it with us everywhere if we plan on staying a while.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Bouncer

This is not the one that was recalled. Huxley doesn't love this right now, but sometimes he's cool with it. When he was up to 3 weeks old he enjoyed sleeping in it. It has a vibration setting, which he seems to like. The music on this one is a little weird, but I like the vibration. It's great because you can bounce it with your foot while you watch t.v. or work. It's super soft too so I feel like it would be really cozy. It's another hands-fee option that keeps him occupied so he's not just hanging out on his Boppy all the time.



Everyone has a preference: Huggies or Pampers. We tried them both and learned extremely quickly that Pampers were not for us. Huggies have this pocket in the back on the inside that catches blowouts and Pampers do not. So there were quite a few messy situations up the back when we were using the Pamper's diapers. We also found Huggies fit him better as well.

Burt's Bees Diaper Rash Ointment

Huxley had a little bit of diaper rash and this stuff cleared it up. Burt's Bees is also a trusted brand, so I felt confident using it. It does have a strong scent though that makes me sneeze, which is annoying in the night lol.

Aleva Soothing Diaper Cream

So this might be a splurge but we use this all the time and it makes skin super soft. You can find cheaper diaper creams, but both Bryon and I love this one and no intention of switching. We usually order a few at a time from Amazon and always keep one in the diaper bag.

Fawn Design Diaper Bag

This bag isn't cheap. The thing is, I'm going to need a diaper bag for a few years and I wanted one that was durable and stylish but also one that Bryon could wear when I have my hands full. This one took the cake. I can get everything I need in it, it has space for a lap top in the back and there are lot's of pockets and compartments for bottles, wallet, keys etc.

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

This thing is awesome! Huxley could probably start using his tub now, but up until now from when he was born, we were bathing him in the sink and using this. It's nice and soft and much more comfortable than trying to hold him the whole time. He loved bathing in this flower and we'll probably use it in his tub as well, just because it's so soft and squishy. Some water collects in it, which is great for keeping him warm in the water.

Skip Hop Cushioned Diaper Changing Pad

Having a change pad is key! No one wants to put their baby on a public change table without a pad under them. I like this one because it's slim and easily fits in my diaper bag without taking up space. It has a pocket as well so you could slip a diaper, travel-sized package of wipes and some cream if you just wanted to take the clutch for quick trips out - but I just keep the pad in my diaper bag. It comes in several different styles and colours as well!

Prince Lionheart White Premium Wipes Warmer

A genius product. I can say that at 3am when I'm changing Huxley, a warm wipe prevents screaming. I imagine it's quite soothing to have a nice warm wipe on your bum over one that is cold...especially when you are just waking up and being pulled out of your snuggly sleep sack.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Another genius product. you can actually use any bag with this pail as opposed to having to buy a specific kind of bag. It locks in bad smells, but we also change it as soon as it's full. It comes in lots of different colours and is a good size that doesn't take up too much space


JJ Cole Changing Clutch in Grey Heather

I learned very quickly the importance of having a changing pad for on the go. I absolutely do not want to put Huxley bare bum on a public changing table, so having this one is great. Plus it's compact and slips right into the diaper bag. It's a perfect size for him as well. He is long, so I expect we would need to use a larger one later, but this one is great right now. Items that don't take up space are key because you need to fit quite a bit into a diaper bag!

SKIP*HOP& Grab Go Silicone Pacifier Holder in Grey

Pacifiers (if you use them) end up anywhere and everywhere and often with hairs, crumbs and dirt on them. This little case is great for sticking in your diaper bag, stroller, car etc. without having to worry about them getting dirty. You just pull one out and give it to your baby without worrying about it being dirty!

Skip Hop Grab & Go Snug Seal Wipes Case

This is a great case for keeping wipes moist and contained. The slim package slides into your diaper bag and takes up minimal space. It's better than continuously buying travel-sized packages OR taking an entire package of wipes on the go - which is bulky and heavy. I have this one in grey, but it comes in other colours.


Philips Avent Baby Bottle Gift Set

This is the bottle set we are currently using. I'm an exclusive pumper so a good bottle system is imperative. This one comes with a sterilizer, which just goes in the microwave for 4 minutes to sterilize Huxley's bottles and nipples. We purchased the anti-colic bottles but he doesn't really like the nipples on those bottles - he prefers these ones and gets a better latch with them.

Medela Freestyle Mobile Double Electric Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

This pump and the accessories that come with it are great - especially for travel. The little cooler pack is great for traveling with the pumping bottles, and the tote bag make it easy to pack everything in one bag. I like this pump - it's stimulating enough that I haven't had any issues with my milk supply (just a side note - I'm very rigid with my diet in terms of ensuring that I'm eating foods that help with milk production). I would absolutely recommend this pump.

Haaka Pump

If you haven't heard of this product yet, make note. This pump was originally designed as a product that would catch dripping milk while you feed your baby on the opposite breast. But you can also use it as a hand pump. If I'm on the road (and Bryon is driving) it can be a bit hectic to get hooked up to an electric pump. I suction this pump to my breast and it's SUPER effective. In about 10 minutes I was able to express 50m of milk on each breast...not at the same time. So it's pretty great! It's also mess free and the slanted cup makes it easy to pour the milk into a container without spilling everywhere - great for on the go!

Boon 'Grass' Drying Rack

This is a product we use multiple times a day. The 'grass' keeps everything upright so the water can drain off it and we also use it to keep all Huxley's sterilized stuff separate from everything else. It looks cute too!

Upspring Baby Milkscreen Home Test

Okay, it's no secret that I enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time. Since Huxley, my interest in drinking large glasses of wine has somewhat dimished, but I like a few ounces once and a while. A few ounces isn't going to affect my milk since the liver absorbs most of that and I always wait 2 hours before I pump again - but I also try to drink abut half a pint of Guinness each night because it can help with milk production. I like to have piece of mind, so if I'm feeling worried about it, I use one of these test strips to be sure my milk doesn't contain any alcohol. We've tested it on alcohol to make sure they work :)