baby boy room inspiration


I have been meaning to take photos of baby McKay's room for about two weeks now, but I've just been feeling sluggish, unmotivated and super tired. I'm still working and after 33/35 weeks, the slow-down feeling is real lol. Bryon is on call this weekend so I had the free time, and pulled my camera out and got shooting.

Just like I did with our baby registry and hospital bag- I scoured blogs and Pinterest for ideas for baby McKay's room. I love neutral boho looks for baby rooms, but when I suggested neutrals Bryon and my mom said otherwise. "The baby needed to be stimulated with more colour". Okay, so black and white isn't exactly colourful lol, but it adds some dynamic and we have pops of blue here and there. It was my compromise. Really, he's not going to be in his room for a few months anyway. Just for feedings (because my rocking chair is so comfortable) and diaper changes.

Bryon and I live in Toronto - and if you know anything about Toronto, you might know that the real estate market isn't exactly working in the favour of young professionals and millennials (i.e. it's expensive AF). We live in midtown in a two bedroom (really the second bedroom is a den with a sliding door) condo, so in terms of space, we don't have a lot. So we really had to maximize what space we had. There's no where for family or friends to sleep, unless they want to rent out a guest suite, so that's a bit of a downer. But it is what it is!

I'm really happy with how this space turned out. We went with a woodland animals theme, and the mountain decals...lololol....I'm so sorry Bryon. It took him 4 hours to install them. But they look awesome. We rent so we couldn't do anything permanent. It was either this or removable wallpaper, which is actually quite expensive. We will likely only be living here for about 2 years anyway so I couldn't justify removable wallpaper.

Below are photos of his room and below the photos you can find links to all the itmes in his room as well :)



Area Rug - IKEA, similar

Rocking Chair

Moroccan Pouf - comes NOT FILLED. I filled it with old sheets and towels.

Baby Animal Prints - you can order all 6 at the same time and print them at home or at a professional printer

Mountain Decals

Wild Thing Print - same as above

4-Cube Shelf

Black and White Baskets - gift from my mom, but I have linked similar

Black Cube Drawer

Diaper Pail - you can use any type of plastic bag with this diaper pail!

Dresser - used. My parents bought it and painted it and we asked if we could have it lol. I've linked a similar one, but you could also buy used, paint it and replace the hardware

Diaper Cart - great deal! Could really use this for multiple uses - bar cart, coffee cart, for the bathroom, etc.

Change Pad With Mobile - you don't need a cover, doesn't absorb scents or liquids and easily wipes down!

Diaper Warmer

Sound Machine

Owl Lamp - gift, but I've linked a similar one

Picture Frame - gift from grandma McKay

Crib - Canadians can also purchase here

Fitted Sheet - gift, but I have linked a similar one

Stuffies - gifts and some that belonged to B and I when we were babies :)


Baby Monitor

We also purchased a humidifier, which is currently in our bedroom with the bassinet.


The blue and white blanket was Bryon's baby blanket

The white blanket on the rocking chair was my blanket

We have a few other handmade blankets we received as gifts, and I can't wait to share them in photos!

Also, pictured below - bouncer chair

Diapering:

Braun No-Touch thermometre

Baby Bum Coconut Balm

Baby Bum Body Wash

Baby Bum Lotion

PeePee Teepees