what to pack in a hospital bag

I've been using blogs as a resource for everything baby. From my baby registry, to the must-have items and of course...the hospital bag. Sometimes you look up these hospital bags, and the contents are just outrageously ridiculous. Some women pack everything and the kitchen sink and I'm sitting at my computer wondering if their hospital is all the way in Siberia or something lol. The things people bring are mind blowing.

On the other hand, the truth is, you may be in the hospital longer than anticipated, depending on what happens. For me, I'm at a point where I could be having a c-section (baby is huge) but we aren't sure yet -we should know by Monday. At 35 weeks, we had an ultrasound and the doctor told us baby McKay is 7lbs - which is quite large at 35 weeks. At that point Bryon said it was a good time to pack my bag, just in case. I think in any event, 35 weeks is a good time to have it packed anyway, because you just NEVER KNOW with babies! I'm 37 weeks now, and I've been getting TONS of strong false labour contractions and his head is in position in my pelvis ready to go! I'm hoping he feels like he's running out of room and is ready to come out any day. My due date is April 2nd, but I'm good with earlier haha. I'll be doing a third trimester update soon, and I can update everyone on how I've felt about that.

Until then - i'm talking about being prepared for the delivery.

Knowing that you might be in the hospital longer than one night, you at least want to pack some essentials and things to make you feel comfortable. Labour is extremely painful (or so i've heard lol) and you could be labouring for hours and hours...so a few extra items to keep you comfortable and entertained will be important in my opinion. We don't live far from the hospital and Bryon will need to go home a few times to feed the cats and give one of them their twice-a-day insulin shots, so whatever is forgotten or unnecessary he can bring back or take home. But regardless, these are the items that are packed and ready to go!

Also, our hospital has a few 'birthing accessories' as well, such as yoga balls (or birthing balls), jacuzzi tubs and some other things, so we don't have to bring extra stuff like that. Not that we could fit a jacuzzi tub in our hospital bag anyway. I left Bryon's stuff off this list because he's a surgical resident at the hospital and will probably just get some scrubs to wear. OR he will run home. We will probably pack his toothbrush though hahaha. He says he's going to sleep there, but after the baby is born I told him I wouldn't care if he went home to sleep in bed. The sleeping conditions aren't great there for patient's guests. But I'll leave that up to him. He may run home and end up 'having a quick nap' haha.

Now, let's get into my hospital bag contents!

Hopefully someone finds this helpful :)

For Mom

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Not the pretty kind. I've been told very bluntly that I'll be wearing the largest maxi pads ever made as my body flushes out all the fluids that were hanging around during birth. So I'm going to need panties to accomodate that. I bought a 5-pack from H&M that I wouldn't care about spoiling and would be okay with tossing later. I also am going to bring a pack of adult diapers (The glamorous life of after-birth guys...it's all out on the table). I would rather wear a diaper than a pad, but I have both just to see what I like best. I think in the beginning I'll use the diapers because I don't have to worry about as much leakage or ruining crappy panties and then I'll switch to pads. We'll see - I have both just in case. Now the hospital I'm delivering at (in Toronto, Ontario) they provide these meh boy-short boxer things along with their own pads by Poise or something like that. I haven't decided if I'll use them or not. But at least I have options. Whatever is the most comfortable!

Nursing Bras

I bought THESE sports bra-style nursing bra's from H&M (p.s. H&M is a life-save for mom's to be on a budget). I've been wearing them the past two weeks and refuse to wear anything else because they are so comfortable hahaha. i'll def have to order another 2-pack. I wanted something that wouldn't be uncomfortable to wear.

Not Shown In The Photo - Coconut Oil

That's what I'll be using as nipple cream for now. I hear it works just as well. I use this coconut oil, but you could literally buy any kind from the grocery store. It's all the same. This one is just easy to pack when traveling.



Lip Balm

Whether you use chap stick or lip balm it really doesn't matter. I just hear it's really dry in the hospital. I am currently OBSESSED with the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. It absorbs really quickly and really helped my lips this winter. It's been a dry one. I tried a sample from Sephora and ended up buying the full size product because I love it so much. I personally find it moisturizes much better than regular chap stick - but if you don't want to make the splurge, just grab a stick from the drugstore.

Water Bottle

You can drink out of a styrofoam or plastic cup, or you can drink out of your own water bottle and have more water at a time. Up to you. I'm bringing my BKR bottle and I'll have Bryon fill it up as needed. I don't think it's necessary, which is why it isn't in the photo above, but it's more of a personal preference. If you have one, bring one. If not, there most definitely will be cups at your hospital.


To save space...and feel pampered, I'm bring samples from Sephora. I always save my Sephora samples for traveling. They are much easier to pack than large containers of shampoo and conditioner, face wash, moisturizer etc. I packed some luxurious ones so I feel extra good if I use them haha. Some people end up not showering, but I'm bringing them just in case. It's something that will make me feel normal again and fresh. I mean, I expect to sweat during labour lol. I'll also bring my travel kit, similar to THIS ONE, which has things like an eye mask, ear plugs, a tooth brush, tooth paste and flossers. You can also buy a dental kit like THIS one as well. But travel size is better. I've thrown in some hair ties in there as well.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix

My friend Kara introduced this to me when we were traveling to Nicaragua and I've never looked back. I carry one in my bag all the time and use it throughout the day when my face needs to be freshened up. It's great for travel as well - especially on flights that feel extra dry. Hospitals aren't exactly moist places, so I feel like this is going to come in handy. I packed the lavender one since it would be calming.

Dry Shampoo, Minimal Makeup, Hairbrush, Face Wipes

Again, I want to try and feel as normal as possible if I'm up for it. I'm not feeling pressured to look good or 'get ready' for photos or anything like that. But I know that personally, when my hair is done and my make-up is done I feel good about myself. I'm not putting on a full face by any means, but if I have the drive and ambition to touch up my look a bit, I'll be happy to have my favourite products on hand. Doing this isn't for everyone, and I've seen enough judgement put on other women who wear makeup while giving birth to feel the need to say that I'm doing it because it makes me feel good, not because I feel like I have to.

Portable Phone Charger Or An Extra Long Charger (I'm just bringing a portable charger)

Slipper Socks and Flip Flops

I'm not a huge slip-on slipper girl. But I do love big fluffy slipper socks. They have grips on the bottoms so you can away with wearing them at the hospital. Obviously wash them once you get home. Flip flops are great if you decide to walk the halls or shower. If you're socks don't have grips, hospitals usually make you wear theirs.

PJ's, Robe, Comfy Clothes

If you are planning on/able to nurse, you're going to want something that has easy access to the boob lol. I got this nightshirt from H&M (although it's kind of small, so I'm hoping my stomach shrinks enough that I can wear it, otherwise Bryon will have to bring me something else). Button down is best in this situation. I also bought a new robe because my other one is gross and needed to be replaced anyway. I'm using until D-day and then I'll throw it out. So far now, it's in my bag ready to go. You'll want one for walking around and wearing when visitors comes. And if you think i've planned the perfect going home outfit you are 100% wrong. The last thing I'm going to want to wear is something cute LOL. I'll be leaving in track pants, a sweater and my UGG boots. Pure comfort hahaha. You can wear whatever you want when you leave, but just know that you either just pushed a human out of your vagina or underwent major abdominal surgery. Both suck I imagine. So pack something comfortable.

In addition, I'm also bringing a blanket - because the birthing rooms are quite chilly and I'll want something soft to comfort me when I'm in pain (basically a big kid lol) and my own pillow with a pillow case I don't care about (we only get one pillow at the hospital and they suck.) I'll also be bringing a few light snacks for energy because hospital food is disgusting.

For Entertainment and Documenting

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Clearly B and I are big on documenting...and this milestone is kind of a big deal ;)

We are bringing our... GoPro, Fujifilm Instax for instant photos and our Canon DSLR. Allllllll the photos of baby boy!

I also packed a couple 'distractions'. I've downloaded a few Netflix shows and documentaries to try and keep me occupied and hopefully distracted in the beginning when contractions aren't too intense, also for Bryon's sanity too. And I packed one of my favourite games, Bananagrams. It's sort of like Scrabble. Who knows if I'll feel like playing it lol, but the option is there.


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All hospitals are different in what they provide the baby. If you're planning on taking prenatal classes at your hospital, they will likely provide you with a package that explains everything that is provided and everything that you will need to provide. So, the essentials I'm packing may differ from yours. I would double check because you may be able to save some space in your bag :)

10 newborn diapers (Lord help me if he doesn't fit into newborn diapers lol)

A Paci and this paci case I bought for the diaper bag (keeps the clean)

An extra swaddle blanket

This Swaddle Blanket and Top Knot Hat so I can get some cute newborn photos. PLUS Copper Pearl literally has the softest material I've ever felt, which I think is perfect for a new baby. Shout out to Kidz District in Quebec for sending me this adorable Sloth set. I'm obsessed. (PS These make for a perfect shower gift!)

A knotted gown (not pictured)

3 new born onesies (again - not sure how long we will be there)

Newborn socks

Car seat (Already installed in our car)

Car mirror - probably won't need this because I'll be sitting in the back with the little bubs, but just in case! Might as well get it in there anyway.

Car seat cover - we're in Canada and March/April is still pretty cold. I don't want to shock him.

Nursing Pillow