baby registry 2019

Hola everybody!

Once the fact that I was actually pregnant set in, I realized we needed a lot of stuff, and were going to need to make some lifestyle changes to accommodate our new little family member. This included moving out of our downtown apartment, getting a new car and making a list of 'needs' for the baby.

I was a little apprehensive about posting this, because I knew some people who are invited to my shower would see this post, and I don't want it to come across like, hey, you guys need to buy me this lol. However, either way, Bryon and I would buy these items if we weren't having a shower, and the registry is a great way to organize what you need to get - not just what you need to ask for from other people. So I just wanted to make that clear before I got into this post lol. I'm also having a small shower, so I expect to be purchasing most of these items myself. I'm writing this post because I was so lost when I got started, and found blog posts really helpful. NONE of this is sponsored, so you can assure I am choosing products under my own influence and not based on free items or sponsorship.

I started my registry early on so I could get an idea of what we were going to need. I knew I was going to have a baby shower, but I didn't want a big one (not a huge fan of baby showers - particularly the games that are played at them lol), which meant Bryon and I were going to need to buy a majority of the items - as I mentioned above. We both decided not to ask for 'big ticket' items such as the stroller, car seat, crib and rocking chair. We've already bought those. My parents are also giving us a dresser they had at their home, which was an extra - so that's another MAJOR help. And luckily, at Christmas my family helped out by gifting us our bassinet (I asked for THIS ONE because it was affordable and had a mobile and sound machine. The more expensive ones such has the Snoo and Mamaroo have had mixed reviews and considering their price and how long you use it for it seemed absolutely ridiculous in my opinion), a bathtub and some toys (thanks Uncle David). But otherwise, I did a lot of research on Pinterest checking out bloggers who listed what they included on their registry and what items they asked for and actually used.

The thing is, we're fist time parents and literally have no idea what we will need. And what worked really well for some parents, might not work well for us, so, rather than asking family members for advice, I took things into my own hands with some really great blogs.

I decided on two registries, which may seem high maintenance, but I wanted to get the best price for the items I was asking for. Some registries also offer 20% off each item AFTER the event, so you can buy whatever wasn't gifted to you at a more reasonable price. I registered for Buy Buy Baby Canada for that specific reason, but also registered with West Coast Kids because some of the items we needed weren't available to ship to Canada from Buy Buy Baby and WCK sometimes has the lowest price. So, that's how I ended up with TWO. Below I've listed what I believe are must-have's, and then I also added a few other items to my registry such as sheets, sleep sacks, swaddles and a few sensory toys, which I'm not including in this post. We also are requesting guests to give a book in place of a card to help build baby McKay's library, which I think is a much more sentimental and great idea. I'm really excited to see what books people give. I've done this for some friends and I love giving my favourite childhood books.

A few months after the baby is born, I'll do a follow up post on what I actually used and what I felt was necessary.


Baby Carrier

This is one item that Bryon is super pumped about. Hahaha. I bought a wrap, which will be useful when I'm at home and when I start working at home again. But we also needed a regular carrier for situations when a stroller is just too much. Bryon is excited to walk around wearing this thing hahaha.

Seat Mirror

This seems pretty important to me. I want to be able to check on my baby while I'm driving without having to turn my head and get into a car accident. I think this is a standard for anyone who has a car.

Bobby Lounger and Nursing Pillow

Dockatots are banned in Canada because people are dangerously using them as sleep pads, so I can't ask for one of those because we can't get them here - but I hear they are great. But I think the Boppy lounger and the nursing pillow will both come in handy when I'm on the couch watching t.v or sitting in bed...or just need a hands-free minute lol.

Wipes Warmer

i'm sorry, but sue me for thinking this is necessary. Wipes are cold! Who wants a a cold wet wipe on their warm little bum??? I've heard great things about this product, and to me it seemed like this nice thing to do for my little guy lol. Bryon says his son is going to be tough and won't need one, but his mom feels otherwise ;)

Bumbo Chair

Everyone has one of these and they seem fantastic. You can literally bring these anywhere - restaurants, camping, traveling (probably not by air) and they just give your kiddo a nice little seat to use that isn't your lap. I chose the multi-use one for eating and playing purposes.

Fisher Price Bouncer

My mom said a bouncer chair was necessary so I have a few hands-free moments. I figured it was probably a good idea. Fisher Price always seems to have more affordable options, and this one looked great.

Noise Machine

Both Bryon and I have agreed that we will absolutely be getting one of these. We live in a small condo, which means there isn't really a quiet space for the baby - even in his room. A soothing sound machine will hopefully block out any background noise like the T.V., the cats running around or just Bryon and I in general (we like to sing everything we say lol and just act silly)

Baby Food Maker

Probably not a necessary item right away - but I put it on my registry anyway. I really want to make my own baby food. Partly to cut costs, but also because I want to know what my baby is eating and I think it would be fun to experiment with.

Woodland Animals Mobile

We haven't bought a mobile yet, but this is the one I want as it goes with our theme. This was actually an important one for Bryon - being an Ophthalmologist resident - eye development was important for him. I wanted something neutral to match the nursery, but he was very adamant on colour and multiple shapes for eye stimulation. He okay'ed this one. But for any moms-to-be or anyone considering buying someone a mobile as a gift, make sure it has different shapes and colours for good eye development.

Braun Thermometre

I can't imagine having a baby and NOT having one of these. Babies can't tell you when they aren't feeling well, and the forehead touch to check for a fever is hardly accurate.

Bath Thermometre

What temperature is bath water supposed to be for babies? I have no idea lol! But I'm sure I can Google it and use this for guidance. I love a good hot bath, and my standards of warmth certainly won't apply for our baby. So this will be more helpful for me.

Changing Pad

A foam changing pad seems like a bit of a pain to be honest. You have to change the sheet, possible wash it and dry it etc. This one can be easily wiped down after each use AND it has a mobile for distraction. It also doesn't absorb liquids or smells - so that's a bonus. This one seems a lot more user friendly than the others I've seen. More expensive? Yes. But I feel like it's worth the expense in my opinion.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

This diaper pail is ideal because you don't have to use a specific bag with it. You can use any bag - which seriously cuts back on expenses.

Philips Avent Breastpump / Avent Bottles and Sterilizer

I did a TON of research on breastpumps. First off, I'm not giving myself any expectations on breastfeeding, but I do plan on breastfeeding if I can. A lot of people LOVE this manual pump. It seems so much less bulky than the crazy breast pump machines, so I'm going to give it a shot. If I don't like it, I'll try something else. I also want to purchase this bottle and sterilizing kit.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

When the baby starts using the crib, I want to able to check up on him without going into his room and disturbing him. There are a number of things that make me nervous with a baby - choking, not breathing, getting sick, catching sickness from other people etc (I'm getting crazy, I know), but at least with a baby monitor I can easily check to make sure he's all good. This one came highly recommended, and I feel like the price is reasonable.


We live in a condo and the air is pretty dry. Bryon and I both agreed that we needed one of these for his room - but we would also put it on our room while he's in the bassinet.

Baby Bum Monoi Coconut Balm

I wanted to ensure that I get the right creams and bath items, so I included them on my registry. I'd prefer to stay away from products like Johnston & Johnston. I really liked this cream and feel comfortable putting it on him.


This thing freaks/grosses me out, but it was literally on every baby registry I checked out with follow up notes that it was necessary. I don't actually know if I'll be able to use this lol, but I am going to give it a try. Wish me luck.

That's it! I hope this post is helpful for someone who is starting their registry or shopping for a parent-to-be!