second trimester update

Today is a big day for Bryon and I! We are officially in the third trimester - the home stretch is here. The next three months are probably going to go by quickly as there is lots to do to prepare. I'll try and keep you updated on as much as possible - the nursery will be set up soon and that will be really fun to share. I'll post some other milestones in there as well!

I did a first trimester recap, which ended up being one of my most-read blogs in 2018 lol. I had no idea so many people would be interested in my pregnancy. It was a long post too! Since I'm officially finished trimester 2, I thought I would share how it went for me!

My Second Trimester Experience:

After an awful first trimester, I wasn't really sure how much I would enjoy being pregnant, but those thoughts quickly faded once I got into the second trimester. The second trimester is weeks 13-28 (months 4, 5 and 6), which is 3 months total. I felt FANTASTIC the last three months. My skin looked great, my hair looked great, I had a lot of energy and I felt comfortable with the exception of some mild back pain, frequent urination (every night and all day lol) and some round ligament pain. But I feel like those are almost like everyday pains and discomforts most of us deal with - not those ones specially, but you know what I mean. Like, not being able to sleep at night because you have anxiety or something like that. You hear about pregnancy complications and discomforts that are SO bad, and I think any of the inconveniences I've dealt with have been pretty minor.

Around 20 weeks things started to get more interesting. At 17 weeks I could feel our baby fluttering around, but because it was my first pregnancy, I wasn't 100% sure if it was the baby, or just my body doing it's thing. As the weeks progressed I realized it was the baby. Feeling flutters can happen for women anywhere between 16 and 22 weeks (something like that). At 20 weeks we had the anatomy ultrasound and learned that we were having a boy. I absolutely LOST IT. I wanted a boy so so bad, so it was a really special moment. This exam also helped calmed Dr. McKay down, because he was able to count fingers and toes and make sure everything was developing well hahaha. It was such a great experience.

After that appointment, baby boy McKay started growing and showing his true colours. He is a very active baby. It started with him pushing his head on my stomach, and the activity continued to progress from there with LOTS of movement. Coolest feeling ever. I love to just lay in bed at night watching him move around and feel him. I would say my stomach really started to pop around 23-24 weeks. Before that I felt like I was still in the awkward phase, where people who didn't know couldn't comfortably ask if I was pregnant. After 23 weeks it was very obvious to most, and that was exciting for me.

At about 22 weeks, Bryon and I went to the hospital one night at like 3am. I had been experiencing super painful round ligament pain throughout the day and into the night and we really didn't know what it was. The baby was moving a lot so I wasn't overly concerned, but the pain was so sharp I couldn't ignore it without getting it checked out. Walking was nearly impossible, and the pain sat deep within my hip bone. We were told it was round ligament pain, and Tylenol was the answer (although I ended up not taking any). It didn't come back thankfully. As the weeks went on, a little back pain became an issue - but taking warm baths in the evenings made a huge difference.

One really interested (and super awesome) 'side effect' I've had from pregnancy is that my leg hair grows at snail speed rate. We're talking not having to shave for like 3 weeks! It's incredible. My waxer says this is pretty common for pregnant women. What a bonus! I've also encountered serious dry skin. Which is probably partly related to living in Canada and our dry/cold climate, but I have never experienced it like this before. I started using THIS miracle product (you can get it at Sephora), which helped my facial skin go back to normal and helped it produce more oil so it wasn't gross looking.

Aside from my last ultrasound, OBGYN appointments are pretty quick since I'm not high risk and things are going well. However, yesterday's appointment was a little different. I had the glucose test (testing for gestational diabetes). No one really talks about this appointment, and I thought I would touch on it. Basically you are asked to drink this overly intense sugar drink within 5 minutes of your first sip. It tastes like 12 melted freezies and it's pretty gross. Then you experience an intense sugar high. Maybe you anticipate running a marathon, writing an exam, dancing etc. I could barely form a sentence I was so high. Within the hour you get blood drawn and they see how your body reacts to the sugar so they can make a diagnosis if necessary. I recommend planning to eat a sugarless lunch/dinner that day. Just pack some veggies and protein that day because the last thing you will want is sugar. Aside from your anatomy appointment, this is the most eventful appointment of your 2nd trimester lol.

All in all, the second trimester was great. And if I could say anything to any pregnant or planning to get pregnant women, is to enjoy these three months because it's such a fabulous time during pregnancy. People want to know how you're feeling, you will never be this comfortable during pregnancy (lol) as you are now, you probably won't feel this beautiful again (during pregnancy) and get some belly butter asap and start using it.


(Lipstick colour is Very Victoria, top is NOT maternity wear)

A Few FAQ's Answered:

Weight Gain

I'm a small person to begin with. I'm 5'3 and usually weigh in around 105lbs before pregnancy. With pregnancy, I've obviously gained weight, staying on track with a healthy gain. Right now I'm gaining around a pound a week, and I currently weigh 127lbs. It doesn't matter how small or how big you are - seeing an increase on the scale can make any person feel sensitive about their body whether they are pregnant or not.

However, I'm pretty proud of my weight gain! I've really kept myself on track and I thought I may have overdone it during the holidays (how can anyone not lol) but things are growing at a steady pace! Everyone is different in how much weight they are supposed to gain, so a doctor can advise on this. I feel like I look good, and the only place I've really gained weight is my mid section. Although the next three months might be different, I could become a balloon hahaha. I'm just taking it in stride and trying to eat healthy as possible and indulge once and a while (except over the holidays...when I indulged several times a day haha)


The most prominent 'discomforts' have been frequent urination, lower and mid-back pain and my round ligament issue. I ended up buying a Snoogle pillow, because I found when I was laying on my left side my back wouldn't feel supported and it would end up being strained the following day. The pillow made a huge difference for me and sleeping has become more manageable, aside from getting up 3-4 times a night to pee. There is literally nothing you can do about the pee is what it is. If you have general back pain, this pillow would be a good purchase for anyone lol. My cats also love it.

The round ligament pain was just awful. Your round lagaments are the ligaments that support your uterus. So you can understand how overworked they are during pregnancy, I expect it started once the baby reached a certain weight as my body was not prepared for the extra weight. But I haven't had it since. For any back pain I usually take a warm bath with some oils, and it always helps. I soak several times a week hahaha. It's also a really great way to relax and have some time for myself.

Would it be insensitive of me to say that missing a nice glass of red wine is also a discomfort lol? Because I do really miss red wine.

Working Out/ Staying Active

I'm still going to the gym. I ended up pausing my ClassPass membership until May because I found the classes were becoming discouraging. I'm really not interested in prenatal classes, and I felt bad for having to get my instructors to modify everything for me and just standing out from whatever everyone was doing in the class. It just made me feel bad lol. So I stopped going and started doing my own workouts at our condo's gym. I for sure can't do intense cardio anymore or anything high impact. Usually I do a brisk walk on the treadmill (around a 3.8 -4.0 speed) on an incline for 25-30 mins to get my heart rate up to 140 so I break a sweat. After I usually do some weights for toning. For me, that's a good enough work out. Over the holidays - basically the month of December, I really slacked and only went to the gym like once a week, but that has changed since the new year started - so like, last week lol. My eating habits have gotten better as well.

I really love making smoothie bowls (my favourite is banana, avocado, coconut, milk, greek yogurt, chia seeds, hemp seeds and granola), eating lots of fruits, whole grains, oddly enough baby food (i had a dental emergency the other week and couldn't eat solid foods and discovered that baby food makes an excellent snack!), I drink tons of white and chocolate milk and lots of protein. And of course drink LOTS of water!!

Baby Moon

We booked a baby moon! I travel about 4-5 times a year, but after the baby is born I realistically won't be going anywhere until November. We'd love to try and go to Hawaii then. So, it was imperative that Bryon and I take an extra long weekend to go somewhere together before baby McKay gets here. We toyed with the idea of going for a winter weekend somewhere, but I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it without wine and other winter activities that I'd like to do, but can't. So we decided on San Diego! I'm really excited because I've heard amazing things. I've been to L.A., Orange County and San Francisco before, but no where else in California, so I'm excited. Plus it's close to Mexico so we can enjoy lots of authentic Mexican food! It's just a four day trip, but if you've followed me for a while, you'll know that I am the queen of long weekend travel lol.

If you have any suggestions for San Diego, please let me know!!

Must-Have's For The Second Trimester

Of course I have a must have list!

My favourite things are included in THIS post. But don't forget the Snoogle too!


Still love grapefruit, but lately I've been craving more berries - blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in particular, and white and chocolate milk. So odd. Occassionally I get a salty craving, but I crave chocolate all the time.