Christmas Vacation

Welcome back from the holidays!

I really enjoyed some solid time off. I'm not used to having time off with nothing planned, but I did it!

The weekend before Christmas, Bryon and I went away. He had been on call a lot and also had a really busy schedule in November in December and we both needed some time together to relax and enjoy some quiet time. We rented a cabin in Muskoka on an all-inclusive resort-style location. Food was included - alcohol was not, which in my case was totally fine. The cabins had no t.v. (perfect), but they were cozy and had a nice living space and a bedroom. Both Bryon and I LOVE staying in cabins for getaways. There's nothing better than cuddling up with blanket on the couch in front of a wood fireplace after being out in the cold.

We ventured into Algonquin Park to walk one of my favourite trails and feed the wild birds. They eat right out of your hand here! There was tons of snow and it was so beautiful. We've been thinking about going on a baby moon - nothing crazy because we want to save money for Baby McKay's arrival - but we thought another quiet cabin getaway with snowshoeing and easy hiking would be great. So we're currently looking into different options in Canada and the U.S. that aren't too far. So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!

We were only gone for two nights, but it was just enough to get us recharged for Christmas. We spent one night at Bryon's mom's so we could spend time with his nieces and sister and brother in law and then spent time with my family the next day. Two Christmas dinners was intense! I think I gained 5 pounds unrelated to pregnancy over the holidays lol. The rest of the holidays were super low key since B had to go back to work for two days. I had nothing planned those days and had zero intention of working (just a little bit of freelance catch-up) and for the most part got some thing organized and relaxed - I watched a lot of Netflix. It was a little bit hard - i'm not used to sitting still for too long, but I for sure needed the break.

For New Years we went to Prince Edward County to visit my family again. My aunt and uncle just got a home there as well and are renting it out as an AirBnb - it's super cute! I can't find a link to it, but I do, I will share it. We went there for dinner and played some games, but ended ringing in the new year over Netflix back at my parents' place. Things have been pretty wild these days haha.

Obviously this year is going to be exciting for both Bryon and I, as we are welcoming our son into our lives and starting our little family. There were plenty of amazing, wonderful and challenging moments ahead of us this year. For that reason alone, I don't really have any personal expectation for 2019. I just want to take everything in stride and learn to adjust as I go. However, in terms of my career and side hustle, there are a lot of growth opportunities and possible changes ahead of me that I'm looking forward to developing and working on. Including this little blog. I hope you'll stick with me and watch my life change and invite new readers to share my experience!

Wishing you all the best in 2019!