make up must-haves

Every now and then, I like to update you guys on my beauty must-haves and favourites. Skincare is something I find really interesting and fun to experiment with. I don't mess around when it comes to high-end products. I sample EVERYTHING before I buy, and I'm willing to spend more money on it because I feel like it's more important. Make-up is a bit a different. I have a good mix of high-end and low end products that I love, and I go through phases with different looks I'm going for. Right now, I like a less-is-more look...even though I'm really not using less products haha. I'm also into multi-use products. Products I can use for different things - which really cuts down on the amount of products I need to buy and pack when traveling.

Lately, I've become obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury. Her products create such a stunning look- and Sephora is now selling some of her products, which is amazing news. Since I'm not longer using retinol and retinoids, nor am I getting Botox, brightening makeup has been key for me. A lot of my ride or die products are still in here, but there has been a lot of change. I think a lot of you will find most of these products really great, and you may even want to consider adding one or two two your own makeup collection.

Below are my current favourites, and why I am loving them right now. I'm really trying to work up the courage to do a video on my makeup! I'm not an MUA or vlogger by any means. I have a YouTube channel - but it's cinematic travel videos and I never sit down in front of a camera and just chat. One of these days I'll do it!


Make Up Favourites

L'oréal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara and L'oréal Voluminous Lash Primer

I'm not linking either of these items because you can literally get them at any drugstore in Canada and the US - however, they are linked in the product widget at the top of this post. I've recommended the primer to so many friends and they have all fell in love with it. It's a game changer for your lashes, especially if you don't want to spend money on lash extensions. It's goes on white and you apply it as any other mascara, and then you just apply you regular mascara over top and you get instant long/lush lashes. I use both of these because they're inexpensive and I really hate spending money on high-end mascara because I don't think it's worth it at all. I've tried high-end ones and I don't notice a difference - just my opinion!

Arbonne Intelligence Pollution Defense CC Cream, Broad Spectrum SPF 30

I was using Josie Maran, but I received this CC Cream at an event here in Toronto and I don't think I can use anything else lol. The finish is lovely, and the colour match it perfect. It last throughout the day and I don't experience any creasing with it. It's really great and I highly recommend giving it a try. If you live in Toronto, you can contact Daniela Argyriades ( @Danielabeautynurse) as she does botox and fillers and also sells Arbonne products.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer

I've been using this product for YEARS! They did recently change it - I believe to offer more colours, but I still really love it. I get it in Light Tan. It is a thick concealer (hence being waterproof) but if you set it with a powder it creates a really beautiful natural finish and seriously hides dark circles and creates a flawless transition between your cheeks and sockets. I love it! I won't switch to anything else.

Charlotte Tilbury - Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is one of my FAVOURITE products I own. This is one of those multi-use products I was talking about at the beginning of this post. It's great for days when you're not wearing make-up but want a little glow (i.e. running errands after the gym, touching up skin etc). You can also use it as a primer under your foundation for a subtle glow. I like to use it as a finishing highlighter after I finish my foundation and bronzer. It has the prettiest natural glow and really brightens the skin for a healthy dewy look. I get it in Colour 3.

Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze & Glow Contour Duo

Another one of my favourites. This is a multi-use product that is great for anyone! I use it everyday. I use the bronzer as eyeshadow and to contour. It's really great for vacation because you could getaway with just bringing this as your palette and not have to worry about lugging a bunch with you. If you use only this, you get a really pretty natural finish. The highlighter isn't too crazy either. It's really subtle and pretty. I use the highlighter on my brow bone, inner eyes, sometime lower eyelid to elevate a simple look, my nose, cheek bones and chin. It really helps to sculpt your face. This is a product I would recommend for everyone's makeup bag.

Too Faced - Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

Another product I've been using for quite a while. After applying foundation, I sweep this across the areas the sun hits - cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin. I usually get compliments on how nice my tan is (LOL) "Did you go somewhere warm?" Nope...just did my makeup this morning. There's no shimmer in it, and I use it in chocolate (medium to deep). It's really nice. And you can use it as an eyeshadow as well - so it's great for traveling.

Urban Decay The Velvetizer Translucent Mix-In

Now, this is a VERY cool product. You can use it a few different ways. I personally use it as a setting powder for my under eye concealer. After applying my concealer with a sponge, I use a brush to apply this very loosely. I let the powder just sit there on top of my skin and then 'bake' into in the concealer to set it while I do my eyes and eyebrows. It totally keeps my makeup from creasing - which is a problem for me. My eyes ALWAYS crease, and this was a solution for that. Another cool use is that you can mix it into your foundation for a matte look. If you really love a foundation but find that it slides off or gets oily OR if you have deep pores, the mix solution is really great. It also makes for a sweat-proof foundation. There's tons of videos on YouTube explaining how to use it. But I really love this product. It does last a long time - I would say I've been using it for about a year and a half and I'm on my second container.

Benefit Cosmetics Benefit ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color & Brush

I still use my Anastasia Brow Whiz everyday, but Ka-Brow is really great because it adds more definition AND it stays put lol. I find that it doesn't smudge. After I brush this into my brows, I use the spooley on my brow whiz pencil and brush upwards to get a more natural look, and also to brush out any clumps or inconsistent areas.