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sephora gift guide 2018

For me, Sephora is like a second home. Byron has come acustomed to a regular flow on Sephora deliveries and the overflow of product samples in our bathroom cupboard. But for many (both men and women) Sephora is overwhelming and completely foreign. And if you have someone who loves skincare and makeup products and you know they would love to receive a few items in this category under the tree - it's understandable that someone who doesn't know much about these things would feel lost.

Hi! Let me help!

I've put together a solid collection of some of my favourite things from Sephora or just things I know would make a great gift for anyone.

Here is goes!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I love this stuff. I only get it when I want to treat myself, because it's a bit pricier than, lets say, Batiste. But it does an amazing job at giving volume and matting the grease on no-wash days. If you don't know what dry shampoo is, that's okay. The person receiving it probably does. And this little gift set it perfect because it has a big one and a baby one, so that special someone can travel with it.

Bite Beauty Sweet Treats Agave Lip Care Set

bite beauty

In the winter we all get chapped lips, and if you're a woman who loves wearing lipstick, you probably know that chapped lips makes it really difficult to wear lipstick (especially red and other deep colours). This little set is GREAT for kicking chapped lips and totally moisturizing your smackers.

Josie Maran Soul Sisters Pure Argan Hydration Duo

Argan oil

If you know someone who is crazy about skincare and improving their skin, this gift set is great. Argan oil does wonders for the skin, especially in improving signs of aging. I use her foundation, which has argan oil in it and it's made a difference with my skin.

FOREO, Luna Play Plus


This is a really great skincare tool. It's made of silicone so it doesn't trap bacteria and deposit it back on your skin. This skin brush for your face is timed so you never stay in one spot too long, it invigorates skin and keeps black heads at bay. I use mine every morning in the shower. And this is one of the most affordable models in their collection - plus it's travel-friendly. Yay!

Tarte Tartelette Tease

tarte tartlette tease

Great pallet! I use the large version of this, but this one is perfect. It has really great colours that anyone can wear.

Sephora Favorites, Skin Wonderland

sephora skincare favourites

Omg this would be an AWESOME gift. There are some really great products in this gift set that any woman or man who loves skincare would really appreciate. It's basically a snack pack for skin.

Sephora Collect Face Mask Magic

sheet masks

Another awesome gift. Everyone loves sheet masks. They're easy to use and they feel luxurious and look insane. This gift pack gives your special someone selection of sheet masks to use depending on their skin issue. I love it.

Kate Sommerville Radically Radiant

kate sommerville

These are some her BEST products. I've used them all and they are freaking amazing. This gift set would be a serious winner. Each of the products work really well, and leave skin feeling and looking amazing. It's a little pricey, so it's more of a luxury gift than a stocking stuffer, but worth the price, I assure you. I would freak I got this - but I can't use any of these products right now because I'm pregnant. So hopefully someone else get them!

Drunk Elephant, Out of Office

drunk elephant

Everyone loves Drunk Elephant products. This kit is especially perfect for the winter months as they are hydrating products. If you know someone is goes outdoors often during the winter months (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing etc.) this is a perfect gift for them. The price is reasonable as well, although the products are small, it's a great way for them to try out the products.

Morphe 350 Palette

morphe 350

Looking to wow a makeup geek? Buy this palette. It's chalk full of gorgeous neutrals for fall and winter. The colours are so dreamy and will work for just about everyone!

I hope this post is helpful for someone - if anything, I recommend sending it to someone who asked what you wanted for Christmas but you're not sure what you want :)

Happy Shopping