GIFTS FOR GIRLS | gift guide

gifts for girls 2018

I try to get these up first thing in the morning but I've been having a bit of an off week this week and I've been extra tired. By the time I get home from work, I don't feel up to getting back on my lap top. But, better late than never!

This is my gift guide for the girls! Girlfriends, friends, besties, mom's, aunts etc. This has a little something for everyone!

Pom Pom Toque (or hat or beanie...whatever you call them if you don't live in Canada)

You can never go wrong with one. The majority of us need one for the winter. If I'm buying one as a gift, I try to stay away from standard colours that the person might already have. I love this wine-coloured one. And the pom pom is so cute!

A Custom Print

Etsy has TONS of options for prints at an affordable price that can download on your computer and print at home, work or a printing place. You can frame it however you wish, and it's a really great idea for a gift. You can get pretty personal with them too, which I love.

Sheet Masks

These are SUCH a great idea to throw in with a gift. If you have a few ladies to shop for, but a few so you have them on hand. I would suggest looking for hydrating ones like THIS ONE because it's winter and that's the most common skin issue this time of year. Plus, they're really fun.

Le Labo Products

Rose 31 is my favourite scent and I especially love the shower gel because it makes for the dreamiest most relaxing bubble bath. Treating a chick to this would be really special. Especially someone who loves baths and perhaps needs to take a minute for herself.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

I think her makeup is SO beautiful. The packaging is really pretty and sit well on any vanity, but the quality is perfection and I always feel like I look my best when I wear her products. My favourites are Pillow Talk lipstick (a universal shade perfect for every day wear and a special occassions) and her bronzer/highlighter duo pallet. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Vintage Style Pyjamas

I just love the look of these. I think they make a really classic gift, and no one wants to buy pyjamas (especially luxury ones) for themselves, so they really do make the perfect gift. The fancier, the better ;)

Chapter's/Indigo Reading Socks

The coveted socks must appear under the Christmas tree for a lot of women...and for good reason. They are SO cozy and perfect for the winter months. I love slippers, but I don't love when they slip off my feet, so big fluffy socks are a great alternative.

Kristin Cavallari, True Roots Cookbook

If you know a gal who loves cooking and eating healthy this cookbook is really great. I bought it when it first came out and there are so many delicious recipes that call for healthy ingredients. I love the breakfast muffins and her cocktail list looks amazing. I will say that some of the recipes appear a bit challenging, but they are a lot of fun.

Sackville and Co. Cannabis Products

I live in Canada - the land of expansive spaces and legalized cannabis. Yes, we are allowed to smoke weed here. Legally. While tying to diminish the stigma around cannabis products, Sackville and Co. decided to cater to the fashionable and trendy woman who doesn't want to display plastic water bottles with pens sticking out of them for a makeshift bong, or the typical blown-glass pipes. They created STUNNING collection of cannabis products. I love their grinder and THIS pipe (although currently sold out) (THIS is a great alternative). But there are lots to choose from on their website. If you know a lady who enjoys cannabis for pain relief or recreation you must take a look at these.

Instant Camera

This is such a fun gift! I love instant photos because they are always so candid, unedited and raw. Plus, what person (girl) doesn't love taking pics! This camera comes in a few other colours as well!