black and white nursery

Once I hit 20 weeks in my pregnancy it was go time for me. I was ready to start planning and shopping. Particularly for the more expensive items I'm not expecting to receive as a gift. We've collected a few items so far (which I do a separate post on because some of the stuff is really great), but I've also starting deciding what I want to do with the baby's room. The honest thing is that a baby doesn't give a damn what their room looks like, and for the first little while he won't even be using it because he will be sleeping in a bassinet beside me, but I'll be spending lots of time in this room FEEDING, so I want it to look cute.

We don't have a huge space. For starters, we live in Toronto: the land of expensive square footage. So our second bedroom, which is baby McKay's is fairly small. I wanted to make the most of the space and so I decided to go for black and white. It will keep the space open and less cluttered looking. There will be a few pops of colour here and there, especially with the mobile (Byron's an Ophthalmology resident, so he is insisting that the mobile is colourful with different shapes for eye stimulation), but the majority will be pretty neutral.

Here are some of the items I have my eye on:

Babyletto Lolly 3-in-1 Crib

We actually already bought this crib and a mattress as well. West Coast Kids had a huge Black Friday sale and we decided to buy larger items with the sale to save money and it was a really smart move. I love this crib! The style is so nice, the colours are perfect and best of all, it converts into a toddler bed so we don't have to mess around selling this one and buying a bed. I recommend going for a convertible bed for sure! It's less hassle in the end. The price was really reasonable too. If you're Canadian, West Coast Kids will offer the lowest price.

Geometric Black And White Rug

I bet you haven't seen this one before ;) Okay, okay. We cheated on this one. We already own this area rug and were using it in our living space at our old apartment. We decided to get a new area rug for a living space in our new condo and use this one for Baby McKay's room. I love the pattern so I wasn't willing to give it up and I thought it would be fun for a baby's room. You can never go wrong with IKEA.

Vintage Ride-On Car

OBSESSED. B and I have not been able to justify the expense for this guy...but we both really love it. We are thinking about it, but it's not necessary. We need to buy the necessary items before we get the fun stuff, but we really want to add this to the room. While the baby won't actually be able to use it for a while, it will certainly look great in the room and give it a little touch of character. I mean, look at it!

White Moroccan Pouf

I love these things - but more importantly, I'm interested in having a place to put my feet while I feed. I like this because I feel like I'll be able to stretch out in a comfortable position without my legs falling asleep haha.

Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing, Print

I bought this download-able print off Etsy for $8! I thought it was so cute. It's a little homage to my big brother - he's a big Jimmy Hendrix fan and I remember him playing it on his guitar back in high school. Who doesn't love Hendrix?? Also, I have a strong feeling this kid is going to be a wild one. I just have to get it printed and framed and it's good to go!

Bashful Bunny

Oh my heart! This little bunny is too cute!

Woodland Animals Mobile

I hope Bryon is okay with this one. We aren't spending money on a mobile anytime soon, but I think this is super-cute. Plus B and I love the outdoors, so it's perfect.

Plush Swan

Again. Cuteness. Probably won't actually buy any stuffed animals, but I love how this one matches!

Crotched Pendent Light

Bryon is not thrilled about this one. Our condo has super high ceilings which means he's going to need a ladder to install this bad boy. I think once he sees it in the room he'll be happy he went to the trouble. haha. Plus, it's such a cool alternative to the other pendent lights out there.

Rocking Chair

Another IKEA item, I tested this out in store a few weeks ago and found it really comfortable. I needed something that wasn't too bulky but was comfortable. I'm not a huge fan of rockers to begin with but my mom assured me I need one. We're planning on buying this one.

White Dresser

We are actually getting one from my parents, but I included a similar looking one from Wayfair. I'm not buying a change table - what's the point? I'll get a changing pad to put on top of the dresser and use that so we can save space. We have a closet in his room, but baby clothes are so tiny, it's easier to fold them and put them away, so a dresser is necessary.

Wild One Banner

Just sticking to the "wild" theme...along with the black and white colour scheme. I love little banners like this one.

Baby Deer Throw Pillow

I thought this was so cute and it matches the mobile. I had to break apart the black and white somehow, and I feel like throw pillows is the easiest way to add colour.

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