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gifts for guys 2018

I find shopping for guys incredibly difficult. Ask them what they want, and you will almost always get an "I dunno." This year, I'm slightly off the hook. Baby McKay is our Christmas gift to both of us this year, so we are really scrimping on buying one another gifts. Between buying stuff for our new midtown condo and beginning to collect big ticket items for the baby, we really don't have a lot of money to spend. So when it came to putting together some gift ideas for guys this year, I struggled a bit. I based some of it off what I have gotten Bryon in the past, what I may have gotten him this year and things that caught my eye.

I hope this guide is helpful for anyone shopping for a dude this Christmas/holiday season!


Fun Socks

One of my favourite things to buy Bryon for Christmas (and any occasion) are socks. I always try to find one that are super fun and creative like these ones, and these. He wears them to work all the time and people always ask him about them and want to see them. It's also fun for me to shop for them because I love seeing the fun designs. Plus, what guy doesn't need new socks!?


Getting your guy/dad/brother/friend their favourite cologne is an easy one, but guys can be pleased with simple things. Bryon's favourite is Givenchy, Play and I love it too.


Gadgets will almost always please any man. I have a drone, which I purchased myself, but Bryon is always the one who ends up flying (sometimes crashing) it. He really loves playing with it and flying it around in open spaces. You can take really great photos and make fun videos with it. If you're buying it for your boyfriend/partner/husband, it's essentially a gift for both of you. But it's guaranteed to make them happy and keep them occupied for hours.

Yeti Products

I don't know what it is, but I love Yeti coolers and most outdoors-y, beer-drinking guys do too. The Yeti 110 is a classic, but if you're on a serious budget, this Yeti mug will keep beers cold and coffees hot. It's an easy win! Canadian's can buy it from MEC (cooler, mug) and American's can buy it here.


Another gadget fave! GoPro's are such a great product. They're smart, so you can upload video to your phone/social media right from your GoPro or you can make awesome videos in any situation, including underwater. They can withstand high-impact activities like snowboarding, bungee jumping etc. so they're great to document adventures. I would say if you know a guy you're willing to splurge on that does a lot of interesting stuff, this is a really great gift. I film all my videos with my GoPro and I think it's really great.

Leather Gloves

Having a really nice pair of leather gloves goes such a long way. Last year I got Bryon a beautiful pair of brown leather Ralph Lauren gloves and he loved them. They're warm and durable and most importantly, they look great. You can get a similar pair here (Canada) and here (American). They are a splurge, but totally worth it.


Candy is always a nice added bonus at Christmas. But step up your candy game and gift something more sophisticated, high-end and manly like Sugarfina's Vice collection. I love the way it looks and appeals more to a man's taste, especially this set. . More often than not, candy has really girly packaging, but this doesn't. Knowing how tasty Sugarfina's gummies are, I imagine these will taste great too! (american's shop HERE)

Record Player And/Or Records

Bryon got his record player for Christmas from his mom two years ago and it was the best gift ever. We use more than our wireless speaker, and one of my favourite things to do with him on a Saturday is grab a coffee and go to a record store (I have been searching for Def Leppard record for the last two years with no luck!!). A record player like this one is great, but there are tons of record stores you can go to to find his favourite album. We love buying old vintage albums we've never heard of that are discounted and listening to them. We have an Hawaiian record we bought once and listening to it for the first time was hilarious. You can for sure get creative with this gift!