Gift guide for outdoors lover

Got someone in your life who has a penchant for the outdoors? Yes, Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) is coming up and as someone who LOVES being outside and doing outdoors-y things, I had to create a list of some of favourite things (or things I want to be my favourite) that might be helpful if you are the market for some outdoors-worthy items to treat your lucky someone to!

I'll be posting a gift guide each Friday, so check in every week!

Danner Boots - Mountain Light Cascade

I don't own these boots, but if I wasn't pregnant and could justify asking Bryon for these, I would (I would suggest combing my Christmas and birthday present lol)! These are on the pricey end but I've heard nothing but good things. If you love hiking, it often requires a good pair of hiking boots. I've been hiking in running shoes and crampons for a few years now and after my travels to Skykomish, Washington in the spring, Bryon and I had an upsetting turnaround on a really special hike, Beckler Peak. I was so excited to do this advanced hike and reach the peak, however, once we hit the saddle (it was May) there was deep snow and as we continued to climb, it became unsafe to continue. That being said, I promised myself I would get a good pair of boots for next time. I want a pair that will last. The expense that comes with a pair of Danner boots is worth it, or so I've read. So if you know a happy hiker you're okay with splurging on, get their shoe size and order them these!

A Good Hammock

Hammocks are the best! I never go camping without ours. If you plan on going on a long hike, treat yourself to the view by enjoying it from the comfort of a hammock with some snacks to refuel. In the summer months, our hammock stays in our car because an opportunity may arise to use it! I really LOVE this hammock because it's durable and easy to pack and go. You can fit it in a backpack and take it on hike too! Annnnd, you can just click and order it on Amazon. Easy-peazy!

Roots Cabin Socks

In true Canadian fashion, I couldn't feature an outdoors gift guide without including these socks from Roots. These socks are standard winter socks in Canada for the fall and winter months. They are super warm and great for outdoor activities under boots. I wear them snowshoeing, dogsledding, skating, hiking, camping, indoors in the mornings when it's chilly etc. They are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone, really.

Moose Knuckles Parka

Yes, another MAJOR splurge...but someone is really going to love you if you go the extra mile. I have this particular parka. I wore it last winter, and I actually won it. I'm not crazy about the fur on the hood and I don't know that I would purchase anything with real fur, but when you live in the cold north, you need a good, warm parka. And this is it. I wore it on a super cold day when I went dogsledding with Bryon. There were GIANT snowflakes coming down and I will say the fur protected my face from the cold and snow. But more importantly, it was actually warm and I wasn't cold throughout the entire 2 hour excursion. Moose Knuckles is a Canadian brand, and they make really good quality parkas for winter. It's a really great gift for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors during the colder months.


If you live in a colder climate that gets lots of snow, I really recommend getting a pair of snowshoes. It's a reasonably priced Christmas gift that would last the person many years to come. In Ontario, there are lots of places to enjoy trails you can snowshoe on and it's honestly such a beautiful and peaceful activity. I've gone in Ontario and Quebec, and it's a nice alternative to hiking when there's a lot of snow. I've rented snowshoes in the past, but I would love for Bryon and I to get our own pair (and a pair for our baby boy once he can walk cute!) so we could do it more often. You'll need to dress warm, but otherwise it's a really great activity. Women's snowshoes. Men's snowshoes.

Waterproof Speaker

This little guy will really come in handy for your outdoor-lover if they don't already have one. Bryon and I use ours all the time, especially when we go paddleboarding. Whether we listen to music while on the water, or when we stop on the shore for a snack, it always comes with us. It's also really great for camping too. It's such a useful gift!



Speaking of of the coolest things Bryon and I invested in a few summers ago were our paddleboards. I get a lot of questions about them from people who are interested in purchasing their own - but once they hear the price they say they're just going to continue renting them. Renting those boards REALLY adds up! We take our boards EVERYWHERE in the summer. I have a hard board and Bryon has an inflatable. The inflatables are really great for those who don't have a lot of storage space (i.e apartment and condo living). They are a bit of a hassle to inflate though. However, I love going paddling and they last so long. If you want to splurge on someone this year and start up a new hobby, these are so much fun! Bryon has the Level Six brand and it's really great. Inflatable Option. Women's Hard Option (good for casual paddling and SUP Yoga)

Campfire Starter Kit

This is the cutest stocking stuffer for an outdoors-lover who is always on the go! It's great for people who are perhaps a little novice at campfires. I know if i got this for Bryon, he would never use it, but I think it's great to stick in your pack just in case! It reminds me of those cute cocktail kits!

Dry Bag

Everyone needs one of these! This is one of the most useful gifts you can buy someone. Boating, camping, hiking, traveling etc. A dry bag comes in handy for so many reasons. And they really do work! You can keep you phone, snacks, valuables, cameras etc. in them and not have to worry about rain or falling in the water. We have one, and while we primarily purchased it for paddleboarding, we've also used it in other instances as well.

I hope you found something or gathered some ideas for the person in your life who loves the outdoors! I'll have another gift guide for you holiday shoppers next Friday!

<3 Caitlin