travel essentials for less

Hi!!! I was thinking the other day about my travel essentials (things I never travel without) and how helpful each of these items are to me. I would say I travel a lot but not regularly. I'm used to spending time in airports and on planes, but my travel 'stuff' are definitely not splurge items and have still lasted me a year or two worth of trips. The problem with social media is that influencers are influencing us to buy products that are often out of our price range, and yet we still feel that pressure that urges us to WANT it even though we don't actually need it.

When I do blog, I do my best to keep things affordable. To include items that I would actually buy or have purchased myself. Traveling is possibly one of those times when we get really excited and are willing to spend money because we 'need it' for the trip. To make the process of traveling, there are a few things I've purchased to make traveling more comfortable AND I've only had to buy them once :)

Let's start with a small compact travel kit. I bought one from Nordstrom's but they discontinued the one I use. However, THIS one or THIS one will do just fine. Make sure you get one that has a mask, earplugs and a toothbrush if possible. I usually add a few extra items to mine including beauty samples (lotion, hydrating gel, eyes masks) that can easily slip inside the pouch hair elastics and a small tube of toothpaste. Either way - it's the best. It takes hardly any space in your purse and I use at least one item from it each time I travel.

A cardigan is a must. You know the air control in airplanes is sh!t. These flying tubes could double as meat lockers. So I make sure my travel outfit (usually leggings, tshirt and cardi) can be layered. I sometimes even bring a blanket scarf life THIS ONE so it can be used as a pillow, blanket or shawl.

A good spacious bag is key to keeping it together. I like to bring a book, my phone, a magazine, a bottle of water, my mini travel kit and my other essentials (wallet, kleenex, wipes etc) in my bag. That being said, my regular bag won't cut it for all the extra stuff i need. Buying a travel bag is a good idea. I recommend something neutral and easy to carry like THIS ONE. It's easy to stow away under your seat but has enough room for items you want on hand.

A comfortable/loose top is the way to go if you have to sit on a plane for a while. I hate the feeling of tight clothing when I'm sitting (with the exception of leggings). THIS long sleeved top is PERFECT for flying, but if long sleeves will keep you too warm, a regular t-shirt like THIS ONE works too! I avoid sandals when flying because my feet get so cold, so I prefer socks and sneakers. THESE Adidas sneaks are great - plain white and go with everything!

I have to make a disclaimer here - I don't actually have noise cancelling headphones yet but I'm asking for a pair for Christmas (hopefully!!!) But I have heard that these are no-brainer and I couldn't agree more. They can run pretty pricey though and really break the bank. They are an investment, but if you're looking for something more affordable THESE ones will probably do a great job as they are decent brand.

Other items that are necessary to have on hand - a portable device charger, luggage tags and sweatshirts are items I have as well.

I hope you found this post useful! Happy travels!