summer event skin

In Canada, the seasons change significantly and doesn't help our skin. I am constantly changing my skin care routine to keep it looking fresh, moisturized and clear and the change in my routine usually comes with a change in the weather.

This summer has been really hot and humid so far, and one thing that I have had to put extra focus on is ensuring I'm wearing enough sun protection. It KILLS me when someone goes out in direct sunlight without sun protection hoping for a perfect tan. I don't need to remind everyone but sun damage causes pre-mature aging, skin cancer, sun spots and more. The sun is so strong now that even with sun protection you will still tan.

Byron and I have quite a few summer weddings to attend this year. This past weekend we attended a beautiful wedding at Langdon Hall in Cambridge and when I heard the ceremony would be outdoors I took extra precaution to ensure my skin was protected.

First off - I wanted my skin to look fresh. So I used one of my favourite masks: Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask. It's honestly one of the best masks I've used. If I have breakouts, I turn to this. It cleans my pores, clears the 'gunk' and matifies excess oils. I used this before I shower so I can prep my skin! In the shower (after gently washing off the charcoal mask) I gently wash my face with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser with this FOREO brush. It's much safer than the Clarisonic because the bristles are silicone so it's not as harsh on the skin and doesn't collect and hold bacteria. You don't need to press, just cleanse in a circular motion. Mine is on a timer so I know when to switch to a different section of my skin and when to stop using it completely. After that is complete I apply Kate Sommerville Exfolikate 'mask'. I apply it to my problem areas and leave it on my skin while I wash my hair and then I gently massage it on my face and wash it off. It tingles, so you shouldn't leave it on too long, but it leaves my skin looking SO radiant and clear. I love it. These products used alone are enough to make my skin feel fresh and de-puffs and puffy areas I have if I've just woken up :) Note that Exfolikate should be used according to your skin. If your skin is really sensitive you may want to use a different exfoliator as this one is quite strong.

Now, knowing it's an outdoor wedding and not knowing the set-up (covered, uncovered) I wanted to be safe. I used Murad's Environmental Shield Essential C-Day Moisture Broad Spectrum, SPF 30 on my face. It doesn't have a sunscreen smell, it doesn't feel like sunscreen and it doesn't have any flash back. I wouldn't wear it to the beach, but being outside for 30-40 minutes with it on under your make-up is fine (for most skin types). I was wearing a strapless dress, so I applied Coola Sport SFP 50 all over my neck, shoulders, arms, chest and legs to ensure I was protected. This sunscreen is great for events like weddings. It doesn't smell, it feels like a lightweight lotion and it protects your skin super well. It's so expensive, so it's not something I'm using to go to the beach or hiking. Mainly for times when I'm wearing clothes and going for dinner on a patio or something like that.

And after all that, I then apply my regular make-up. These products are some of my favourites and I always replace them before they run out because I love them so much. I use different products in the evening, and my skincare routine for the evening has changed a bit, so soon enough I'll do a post on that - but I did want to share what I do to prep my skin before a special event. This is obviously not something I do everyday.

Now, for good measure, here are some blooper pics of Bryon and I at the wedding. For a girl who always poses for photos, you think I'd be able to take a decent photo with my boyfriend :|