My birthday falls on/around the Canadian May long weekend (known as May 2-4). Usually my friends are away that weekend or want to go away and don't want to commit to dinner plans in town. So a few years ago I started planning mini vacations around an extended long weekend over the May 2-4 weekend. When I met Bryon, he become my travel companion for these weekend getaways. Either before or just after New Zealand I was looking up A-Frame cabins on Airbnb thinking it would make a cute weekend getaway, but then I found Tye Haus and thought it would be the perfect place to celebrate my birthday. Without knowing if Bryon would even be able to get that weekend off I booked it. You may have seen Tye Haus on Instagram hahaha. After booking it, I realized that it was an Insta-famous landmark, and I feel pretty lucky to have been able to snag the booking. I'm a huge fan of the Pacific Northwest. My favourite states in the U.S. are Washington and Oregon. Perhaps because they feel a little like Canada - the people are super nice and outdoors-y.

We flew into Seattle on Thursday night right after work. We spent the night near the airport and rented a car (Tacoma truck lol) the next morning with plans to spend the day in Seattle. Check-in at Tye Haus wasn't until 4pm and it's only an hour and a half outside the city. I was really excited to explore Pike Place market. While we 100% skipped the original Starbuck's, we indulged in a yummy pastry called Piroshky at a tiny place in the market called Piroshky Piroshky - there was a line, so we figured it was good - and it was. We sat in the market on a bench facing the water and ate them with a coffee we got nearby, and finished off the market with half a dozen peonies (i couldn't resist) and Beecher's cheese curds so we could make poutine that night at the cabin.

We stopped at Wal-Mart to grab groceries for our stay at the cabin - poutine stuff, burgers, pizza and lots of snacks and coffee! Outside of Seattle, it's really hard to stay focused on where you're going because there are a ton of stops to enjoy views of the Sky River and also trail heads to hikes. We stopped once on our way to the cabin to check out the river and take some photos.

Getting to the cabin, we were immediately in love. It was so quaint and peaceful. We enjoyed the gas fireplace inside, the hot tub outside and the bed in the main bedroom was perfect. We stayed for three nights - of course I would have loved to have been able to stay 5-10 lol, but 3 nights still served the purpose of recharging.

There are so many hikes in this area, so if you come here, do your research in advanced so you're not disappointed. Sometimes the roads to the trail heads are washed out from avalanches, land slides, etc. So plan ahead. B and I are fairly ambitious when it comes to hiking, so we decided on Beckler's Peak. Not quite as difficult as Ha-Ling Peak (Canmore, Alberta - last year's hike), it was groomed really well up until you get to the saddle between the two peaks. It was fully snow-covered, and we felt really vulnerable to wildlife in this area too, particularly with cougars and bears (a couple of hikers who started the hike before us saw a black bear off the trail that day). Once we got back on the switchbacks up to the peak, we realized it wasn't very safe because the trail wasn't identifiable and we didn't have hiking boots on. So we descended back to the bottom. After that we went to Iron Goat Railway Interpretive for a flat hike and got caught in the rain - but it was still super fun. We decided we would go back the next day and do the switchbacks up to the top. The switchbacks were intense but very rewarding. This trail has so much history - we loved it! We also went to Deception Falls, which was more of a walk, but absolutely beautiful. The falls are so powerful and incredible to see.

I can't recommend this experience enough! It's nice to be able to go to a beach area and stay for 5-7 days and enjoy the sunshine and 5-star service, but something about being in the woods, hiking and enjoy the quietness of the wildnerness is so much better. Not having to wake up and plan out an outfit and try to look perfect is the best feeling ever.

If you haven't signed up for Airbnb, you need to asap. You can also stay at this exact cabin, or the other two Tom (the owner) has, Sky Haus and Foss Haus. All three are located beside one another and are perfectly rustic, yet comfortable with modern amenities.

I hope this post inspires you to explore!

<3 Caitlin