minimalist's make up for work

I think as a blogger there's this preconceived notion that you have to one specialization to really make it work. Whether it's work fashion, street style, high fashion, travel, fitness and so on....but you can't focus on it all or you won't be successful.

Mmmmkay, but I don't follow those rules. My blog is basically everything. But something I tend to have a bit of a penchant for are pretty things. Sparkly things. Girly things. I'm a sucker for it. (I promise I'm not digressing here) While I love fashion and I do a lot of fashion posts on this blog, I'm not one of those bloggers you see on the streets in Toronto who is always on. If you see me offline, my hair is probably in a pony tail, I'm likely wearing leggings and sneakers and I'm probably on my way to or from a fitness class with no make-up. It's only when I have a reason to dress up that I actually do, and I love every minute of getting ready. From doing my hair, my makeup or picking out an outfit.

What I really hate getting ready for is work. Some girls love it, but I do not. But I'm at a manager level so it's important that I dress the part. And even though I don't like getting ready for work, I still want to feel pretty. What I have done is learn how to cut corners: Making sure I have lots of easy basics in my wardrobe, from silk blouses to easy-to-style-bottoms and then minimal make-up that makes me look fresh and awake!

I like to indulge in the mornings, and leaving make-up to the last minute is pretty typical for me. So I have a few key items that I rely on everyday that don't take a lot of effort but go a long way.

I start with my moisturizer. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm a huge fan of Murad products. I got this Murad skin perfecting lotion in my FabFitFun box (LOVE this box!!!) this season. I prefer something with SPF in it, but I love how lightweight this is and how it hydrates my skin without feeling heavy. It's perfect under makeup for the day.

I conceal under my eyes with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereyes and set it with Urban Decay's Velvetizer. The velvetizer melts into your skin and 100% prevents any creasing with fine lines under my eyes. I cannot conceal without it!!

While that sets, I put on a quick sweep of eyeshadow (sometimes two colours) and then swipe away what's left of the setting powder with a big fluffly brush. I sweep on some bronzer and then fill in my eyebrows. After that I put on mascara and at this point I'm just about done!

My finishing touches are a new addition. On the weekend I took a trip to Holt Renfrew with my friend Blair. I had a gift card that I needed to use, and she was buying jeans. I figured a new phone case for my new Google Pixel 2 was a good idea, but they didn't have any cases for my phone. But I strolled past Charlotte Tilbury and realized I had heard so many great things about her make-up but had never given them a try. So there I was with the make-up artist trying on her cult faves, which easily fit into my "for work" routine. The highlighter / bronzer duo pallet was a great way for me to easily contour and highlight without making a huge impact for the office. Just a little something to add a little more freshness / dewy-ness to my face. And the lipstick in Pillow Talk was a universal shade but nothing to crazy. Easily something I could wear to work or during the day without saying I'm trying too hard. I love these last additions to my minimalist look.

In my experience, you can cut corners with the right products. Some products will do the extra work for you so you don't have use so many products to make yourself looks and feel great. And honestly, sometimes when I'm on my way out for dinner and I've put in a little more effort than I would for work, I glance in the mirror and realize I like the minimalist look better ;)