My travel buddy, Kara packed up this sweet red gingham dress for our travels. I HAD to shoot it because I thought it was so pretty. It's a perfect summer dress because it's versatile for so many things. It's really light weight too, so you would get a lot of wear out it. I'll for sure be buying my own!

We took photos of the dress at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. It was our last day and a half of our trip and everything had been so go-go-go up until that point. If you're backpacking and you have a flight out of Liberia, this is perfect beach to go to for some relaxation. Playa Hermosa means beautiful beach, and it lives up to its name. It's absolutely stunning. We stayed at Bosque Hotel. The entire area is honestly a 50+ crowd. It's mostly retired snowbirds who can afford fancy hotels, condos and villas. We splurged on our last night and it was well worth it. We enjoy a private area of the beach to sun in, hung out by the pool, drank a lot of strong margaritas and went to bed early. It's just a half-hour drive from the airport and the hotel arranged for our shuttle to get there (which wasn't cheap...but it's Costa Rica, so it was sort of expected.) But that day of complete relaxation was totally worth the added expense.

I was really sad to have to come home. I probably could have stayed another week and not get home sick. But I did really miss Bryon and the cats and I want to have some to travel with him as well.

Kudos for Kara for being so patient and taking my blog photos - it was her first time using a professional camera! I want to explain my mess of a hair - I had curled it, but the moment I got outside the curls fell flat and my hair got awkward.