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romantic pink

As we move closer to Valentine's Day (a holiday I find extremely ridiculous), pinks and reds are popping up everywhere - and although I hate the "holiday" I love the romantic looks it brings out. I find Valentine's useless, and I think most of us can agree. It makes single people feel bad about themselves, and people who are in relationships to buy something expensive (while they're still paying off holiday bills) for their significant other. Although, I do enjoy the chocolate and flowers hahaha.

Usually I do Friyay Affordables on Fridays..but I wanted to do something a bit different so I could highlight some of the pretty splurges AND affordables. So there are some high-end items and low-end items to ogle over. I really love pink, and I found some really beautiful items that can be incorporated into any outfit!

I hope you find something you love! Have a fabulous weekend!

<3 Caitlin