A few years ago, if you had a small apartment or eclectic home, your coolest piece of furniture was your bar cart. It was usually gold or brass and was perfectly styled with your finest selections of alcohol - spirits were preferred and stylish glassware. The bar cart is still cool, and for small apartment and condos it helps save cupboard space for other items. When I moved in with Bryon he had been storing his boozy assets in a cupboard above the stove. He had some really nice bottles, including a crystal monogramed whiskey decanter he got as a groomsman gift. I thought, "hell no, we are not storing these away!" Plus he and I like to share a cocktail once and a while, so it's nice to have all out ducks in a row where we can see them. Particularly gin or rum cocktails.

I was over the bulky brass / metal bar carts and I wanted something that would blend in with the walls so we could enhance the 'space'. Our place is around 600 sq.ft or so (thanks, Toronto) so we really don't have a lot of space to work with. A white IKEA shelf with glass inserts and open sides helped open up the space, and my dad made me me a little side table we painted white that made for an awesome 'bar cart' or bar display. Whatever you want to call it. The rest of this little space has items that pay homage to our local favourites. For example, the Prince Edward County print above the bar was purchased back home at a shop in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County 10 minutes away from my parents' home. Since my parents have a home there, we visit often and love it. It's nice and quiet and feel like a mini vacation. Although it's not difficult for any place outside of Toronto to feel like a getaway from the city. Our booze collections include Toronto distilled gin from a new-ish distillery in Toronto that is starting to get a little more PR lately. I love how classy and old school the bottle looks. We also have a bottle of Dillion's Gin (but I don't think it's a good doesn't taste like gin at all). There's a few other different bottles which include different brands of Bryon's favourite, rum. There's also a little vodka, whiskey / rye, scotch etc. I made some coasters several years ago with some Mexican terracotta tiles I bought in Prince Edward County and some cork and used 4 of those to display gold-rimmed rock glasses (which I am obsessed with!). The little glass that holds a handful of red and white striped paper straws is actually from a popular antique store in Toronto's Distillery District - I believe it's an old Canadian soda company. The book on the bottle shelf is Bar Chef. Bar Chef is a super fancy little cocktail bar in Toronto on Queen Street that makes outrageous cocktails. Like, insane. If you are visiting Toronto for the first time, you absolutely have to there. You can buy autographed books at the bar, but I just picked this up from Chapter's for Bryon as a Christmas present. I plan on buying a few more cocktail and wine books to add to this shelf.

I thought this would be a cool alternative to a bar cart to share with you guys. Especially if you're working with a new or small space and bulk furniture doesn't quite work. I know the struggles of living in a small space and trying to make the most of it without having to get rid of stuff. Let me know if you would like to see more 'home' posts! I'm happy to share. Oh, and...yes the couch is a little shredded on the one side. Lucca is not declawed and she likes the couch :|

I've linked some bar cart alternative at the end of this post along with some similar lamps :)

<3 Caitlin

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