Where to eat in quebec city

Quebec City is cold so you have to ensure that you'll be ready to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and maybe a snack) in order to keep warm. Food was one of things I was really excited for on this trip. Quebec City is a little bit like Europe when it comes to food because of all the French resturants. Bryon and I both indulged and enjoyed eating at several places while we were there for the weekend.

If you have a trip coming up and you're starting to look at food options for your stay, this blog post might help give you some insight. These were places Bryon and I ate at (and in one case wanted to, but couldn't get in).

Chez Jules

This restaurants was delightful. Completely French, you will enjoy a really delicious meal. I appointed myself official French Onion Soup tester of Quebec City that weekend, and I highly recommend trying their French Onion Soup. It is a little different than what you would get anywhere else, but it's very good. I had a pasta dish here, but if you really want to sample French cuisine, this is a great spot.

Bistro Sous Le Fort

where to eat in Quebec City

The beautiful little restaurant is a great place to eat. Another place I sampled French Onion soup (I give it a 9/10) and a nice glass of French wine (although they also serve wine from The County too and I was so excited). The service was great here and the décor is lovely. There's Louis Ghost Chairs and a cozy wood fireplace. I was really happy we got in here...because it is tough to get a table here.

Pub Boriga

Where to eat in Quebec City

Bryon and I came here twice. Maybe because a pub is more our element as opposed to fancy restaurants. If you want to have a good time and get drunk off coffee and hot chocolate...or to a warm traditional Canadian drink called Caribou (recommend) this is where you want to be. It's a really fun vibe here and the staff are very chill and lax. It's a great place to warm up while you're sight-seeing in between meals. You can get French Onion Soup here though!

Café Maison Smith

I'm pretty sure there are two locations in Old Quebec City. None the less, you can stop in here to get coffee and snack and warm up if you can find a space to sit. It's a cute little café and the coffee is good. I believe they serve sandwiches as well.

Le Sam Bistro

This is a fancier restaurant located in the Fairmont Frontenac. I really REALLY loved it here. It's really beautiful and there is a fabulous view of the St. Lawrence enjoyed during the day of course. But if it's the evening you can see the lights from Quebec City across the river. The food is also delicious (highly recommend the lobster roll) and if you have room you can get a dessert tray and sample several kinds of French desserts. I have a peanut allergy so I let Bryon taste for both of us. If it's in your budget, check it out.

Chic Shack

where to eat in Quebec City

okay okay, I have to be completely honest here....this place was recommend by several blogs and I have to say I was not impressed at all. If I were to come here again it would only be to get a boozy milkshake because it was AMAZING. The poutine was the worst poutine I've ever if you have never had poutine before, this is not the place to try it. They make it with homefries and some weird sweet gravy. The burgers were also not that spectacular and both B and I were not feeling the best after eating them. However, I would come here for dessert. Get a boozy milkshake, maybe a side of regular fries and you will be happy. There is usually a line as well (not worth waiting for). I'm including it because I thought the milkshakes were delicious.

Lapin Sauté

What to eat in Quebec City

This was the one restaurant that I did not get to experience but would have loved to. It comes highly recommended and when we went to see if they had space available they were booked up. I think next time B and I come here we will make reservations. The menu looks amazing and they have great reviews.