MY YEAR 2017 | weekend post cards

I'm not really a resolution person. They're all the same...go to the gym more, save more money, make more time for friends, less social media more enjoying the moment..etc. I mean, really, those are things we should always not just because it's a new year. But I am one for reflection and setting yearly goals. Goals are a lot easier to stick to.

Just over a year ago (one year at the end of November in fact) I decided to start this blog. And in May I bought a GoPro because I had some travels coming up and I wanted to start filming. Fun fact: After I graduated high school I went to college for broadcast journalism and we had to film and edit our own stories. I really loved editing - although what we learned was basic, the editing program was new and similar to what Final Cut Pro is today so I had an idea of how to use it. I remembered how to do specific shots like panos and framing so that background has really helped. And of course, I have watched COUNTLESS YouTube tutorials so I could learn new editing tricks. Needless to say, creating these little cinematic videos from my experiences have become a fun little hobby for me and a great way to keep special memories fresh.

And so, here we are in a new year and over the last week I've really thought about what should be important in 2018. One thing is for sure, my relationship with Bryon and my friends has never been stronger. The last couple years have proven that relationships are important to maintain. That people who are important to you take precedent over material things. Like each of you experienced, 2017 had it's share of emotional rollercoasters. I almost lost a friend to suicide, which was something I don't hope anyone will ever have to deal with. It was incredibly upsetting and confusing for myself, but even more difficult to know that a close friend could have left this world on purpose and I would never know why. It hurt to know that they felt so alone when I know they are so loved. I've had my own issues with mental health - I get anxiety and panic attacks when I encounter large crowds, which sometimes causes me to not want to go out with friends or makes me really nervous before I leave home (it's ridiculous because I'm such a social person), but after this year I'm making the mental health of others more important. If I feel like someone is down, I call them, I ask them to hang out or if they need anything. I try to be there as best I can and make that effort. So of course, my goal this year is to be a better friend and be a better listener. Sometimes when I finish a long day at work and Bryon comes home from the hospital, the last thing I want to hear is Bryon tell me that he found a tumour in a patient's brain and it doesn't look good. Or that a teenager lost 90% of their skin because of a bad reaction to Advil. But I also have to remember that Bryon has to deal with these awful situations every day, and that it has an effect on I need to listen and be there for him and take some of the emotional weight off. I think that's part of helping with mental taking some weight for your friends.

On a much lighter note, I want to keep enjoying new experiences. Travel is ALWAYS on my list. I for sure want to tone down on the spending. Clothes are something I want to skim out of my budget more. Love fashion. I REALLY love fashion. But I love traveling more. Whether it's weekend getaways or far away travel, I want to make it happen. So far, dog sledding in Muskoka, a weekend trip to Montreal, Bali, an A-Frame cabin in Seattle and trip to Hawaii just as the year comes to an end is in the works.

2018 will be the year of experiences for me. Fitness, health, money - those are things I care about all the time. But enjoying experiences with friends and family is something I really want to focus on this year. I feel lucky...I feel #blessed to have Bryon, my friends and my family. So this year, I'm going to make an effort to not take it for granted.

I'd love to hear what your plans are for 2018!! The video above is a recap of what I filmed in 2017! Hope you get a chance to watch it :)