Bryon and I got back from our BEAUTIFUL and romantic mini vacation in old Quebec City. I can't believe I had never been, but I have no regrets about that. I can't imagine exploring the city for the first time with anyone other than B. It was his first time seeing the city as well. For those of you who don't know, Quebec City is in Quebec, the province next to Ontario. It holds a ton of really interesting historical significance and when you arrive you feel as though you've gone back in time. It's in fact one of the oldest cities in North America! We did a major splurge and stayed at the city's iconic landmark, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (amazing experience). This hotel is another one of the historical hotels that were owned by Canadian Pacific Railway and later sold to Fairmont management. The fancy hotel on Lake Louise is another former CP Railway hotel. After our stay, Bryon and I plan to visit all the CP Railway hotels (over the next many years of course - they are SOOOO expensive). They're just so unique and beautiful.

Anyway, the city itself was spectacular. I plan on doing a post about a review of the hotel, things to see / eat it in the city as well. That will be up this next and possibly next week as well. And yes, there is a video coming, but I need to finish my 2017 year-end video first and it's taking me SO long to complete it. But I'll do my best to get that finished this week. If you ever have any thoughts of visiting Quebec City in the winter DO IT!

I'll post a whole guide regarding what to expect (cold...expect excessively cold weather...I can't stress this enough), where you can eat, things to do and places to stay and separately I'll do a post about staying at the Frontenac in case you want to weigh out the options of splurging on a stay there.

In the mean time..enjoy some of the beautiful photos I took! If you have any specific questions about visiting Quebec City, please ask in the comments and I'll answer at my earliest opportunity!

<3 Caitlin


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