winter skin care

Getting ready for winter? I LOVE winter. I love bundling up, playing in the snow and just the overall look of the environment when there is snow on the ground. But there's no doubt that winter has some effects on your skin. Over the last few years I've been extra diligent with my skin - although I wish I had started these rituals when I was 25, it is what it is. In the summer I have a custom routine, and in the winter I also a custom routine.

These are the products I always use in the winter and how they help my skin. I also list some other items that I integrate into my skin care as well. Now, I will say that many of these products are quite pricey - but I choose to invest more in my skin. I'm not trying to influence anyone to spend a ton of money, but I do think it's important to use quality products on your skin :)

If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Hope you're all enjoying the holidays!

I find winter dulls my skin and it looks a little lack lustre. Vitamin C serums do help (a lot!) I love THIS ONE by a company called Jules and Esther, but I recently tried a sample of AmorePacific and it was AMAZING. Super expensive, but I couldn't believe how bright and fresh my skin looked after using it daily for about a week. I put it on before my moisturizer each morning.

Don't forget your peepers! Eyes need moisture too, and the more you moister the more you save yourself early signs of aging. I LOVE Juice Beauty's Smoothing Eye Concentrate. It's incredibly moisturizing for around the eye area and the eye lid. I recently purchased a new bottle. I use it day and morning!

I'm skeptical about topical collagen products. First of all, if you want to eliminate wrinkles permanently, topical products are not for you. However, I do find that this product gives me a temporary 'fill' or a little puff in the areas I need it. This is especially helpful when my skin is looking dull and tired and I really trust this brand.

Whenever I mask, I usually create a dual mask. I apply this hydrating GlamGlow mask in the areas I need hydrating most. Winter it notorious for drying our skin, so I usually go through one of these little jars a couple times throughout the season. It is a very hydrating mask (in my opinion) so I think it's perfect for the winter months.

To help clear up and shrink my pores I used Origins Clear Improvement mask (with the hydrating mask). Any clay based or charcoal mask can be drying, so make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer. This mask still does a great job at keeping your skin in tune and bright.

My neck never gets neglected. Your neck is the area that usually gives way to how old you are. You should make sure you focus on moisturizing your neck and chest as young as possible. I love using coconut oil on this area of my body because it is incredibly moisturizing. The difference it makes on this area of skin is amazing. If you have chest acne or you are prone to breaking out on your neck, I don't recommend using this. It's literally saturated fat and easily clogs pores. If you don't have to worry about that, you should try this! I usually apply it every night before bed and in the morning my neck are chest are soooo soft! Kopari is great to use because it's easy to travel with and it looks great on your vanity as opposed to a grocery store brand. Just a preference though!

If you want to brighten dull winter skin, this splurge is SO worth it. Kate Somerville is notorious for being expensive AF but also for amazing products. ExfoliKate is my favourite discovery of 2017. Seriously. Grab a tube of this stuff and try it. Or get a sample from Sephora. You'll set money aside in your budget for this. I try to limit myself to using this once a week, because it is expensive, but once a week does the trick for me and leave my skin looking bright and fresh. The colour of the actual product throws you off a bit hahahaha.

I ALWAYS use Murad AHA /BHA Exfoliating Cleanser, regardless of the time of year. It has lactic acid and AHA/BHA's which is really important for skin improvement. Getting rid of dead skin cells is uber important in order to achieve younger looking skin. Starlight Med Spa in Vaughan explained this to me when they did a facial for me (use Caitlin for 20% off your services!!) and also products (like this one) that contain lactic acid (an AHA that helps to reduce breakouts). Basically, this cleanser is your holy grail regardless of whether you are under 30, over 30 or over 40. You need it!

Philosophy's Purity has been my go-to for a few years now. It removes all the dirt from my face gently and effectively. I LOVE it. When I'm looking for a bit more moisture, I use this one. So I'm back and forth between the two - but both are great for my sensitive skin.

And FINALLY. Another product I swear by and have mentioned on my blog many times is this magical moisturizing from Murad. It is one of the reasons my skin looks younger than 32, I swear lol. I use it religiously and never allow myself to run out with a backup. It's imperative to my skin care routine. If you want hydrated, refreshed and bright skin...add this to your skin care collection!