winter outfit ideas

I live in Toronto and the weather is pretty mild considering we live more south in Canada. But I've also lived in Ottawa where temperatures get absolutely frigid (not that it doesn't get that cold in Toronto, it's just not as often). I also love doing winter weekend getaways up north where temperatures are much colder and there's more snow. I personally really enjoy winter, but I know that if you don't dress properly it can be extremely uncomfortable. I've gotten really good and dressing appropriately without sacrificing style.

Last week I mentioned Bryon and I booked a little 'vacation' for New Year's. And it isn't somewhere hot. Every time I book a vacation I laugh because I haven't gone on a vacation to somewhere warm or tropical in a really long time. Although I lived in Ottawa for four years and Quebec was super close....I never ventured over to Quebec City. So I suggested going to Quebec City because the photos I've seen look SO charming and beautiful. We're splurging and staying at The Fairmont Frontenac, so I'm extra excited.

That being said...Quebec City is COLD. And I mean COLD. I'm obviously very prepared, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of my tips for dressing warm when visiting colder climates. It can be tough to be warm and look cute at the time...but a few staple items make it super easy.

Check out my series of warm winter outfit ideas for various occasions below!


The type of girl who wants to channel her inner classic girl will be warm and toasty in this look. A cute ribbed sweater with a sweet little bow, fleece lined tights (honestly a major staple in staying warm in the winter...everyone who is going to a colder climate this year should own these) layered under a pair of black jeans with this GORGEOUS wool blend coat. I love the pattern. The boots are actually Sorel (I was also shocked) and come in black as well. They're waterproof...and I' pretty sure I'm going to be purchasing them. Wear a pair of wool socks like these ones and your feet will be nice and toasty. I love the neutral colour of this scarf (you will for sure need a scarf) and this knitted toque paired together. Put on these cute Taxi mits from Kate Spade and your classic look is complete!


Winter travels are sometimes a gamble. The weather can make for dangerous road conditions and closures which means your travel time is going to be longer than usual. It's best to wear warm comfortable clothing. These sweatpants are perfect because they're not unsightly. They still look cute enough that you could wear them in public without feeling like a hobo. I love this sweater for traveling because it would feel so cozy and warm. A camel blazer jacket like this one is great to travel in because you can wear it unbuttoned so it's easy to slip on and off when traveling. I have these UGG boots (they have little bows on the back) and I really love them. I know, UGGS are hideous, but they're a necessity for me in the winter. Especially for traveling. I don't have to wear socks with them and I can easily slip them on and off and they're super comfortable. Love this red toque for the road and these toasty warm Canada Goose mittens to cover your paws when you make a stop. To top off the look, carry your stuff in this rustic buffalo check duffle!


This is probably one of my favourite looks. I love how adorable the whole outfit is! I mean, this pink coat for started is super cute! It's a bit of a splurge, so you really have to fall in love with it to buy it! A navy cashmere turtle neck will keep you super warm...cashmere is so warm I sometimes wear it when doing a winter hike. I love navy and pink together. Grad a pair of fleece-lined tights and layer some faux leather leggings over top for a chick look. Put on a cute pair of socks like these and duck boots. I prefer the Sorel brand, but L.L. Bean is another great brand that will keep feet dry...possibly not as warm though. Add this pretty scarf and these faux fur mittens (how beautiful are they!?). And to keep your head warm this little beanie with a bow on the back for some added girly-ness!


If you're like me and you love being outside whether it's snowing or there's extreme heat, this look is great. In fact, everyone should own some of these items, because on those particular days you really can't stand the cold, this whole outfit will keep super warm. This is pretty much what I wear when I go snowshoeing, snowboarding (with the exception of my shell and snowpants) and hiking. You don't have to get the exact same items, but in total these things really make a difference in comfort. Thermal tops are a must - I have lots and they act as key layering pieces. Fleece lined tights WITH feet, leggings like these motto leggings layered on top, and a flannel shirt for extra warmth. Then, you need to have a responsibly sourced down-filled parka. This North Face one is great, but I actually own this one from Aritzia. Marino wool socks are the best for keep your feet warm, but these Burton ones are good for days that are more tolerable. I'm a huge fan of Sorel boots. I think these ones are cute, but depending on how many inches or snow you're going to endure you may want the Caribou boot. Mittens are your best bet for keeping your hands warm and a thick scarf is important as well. When it comes to toques on cold days, I prefer heavy duty ones that are fleece-lined. But you can find a thick knitted toque like this one and you'll still be warm!


The idea of getting really dressed up to go out for a night on the town exhausts me. So much effort to put an outfit together that looks cute but is also warm. I really love this look though and I could totally rock this out on a Friday night for dinner and drinks. This cashmere sweater would look SO cute with this sequinned midi skirt. And of course, I included fleece lined tights. I actually love the way they look on their own, their warmness aside. This wool-blend cocoon coat will keep you nice and warm (and it's affordable!!!), and these booties are so sleek and stylish, but won't leave you with exposed cold feet. You could also do an ankle boot with a heel as well if you wanted something a little more elevated fancy-wise. If you're not worried about ruining your hair style, I love this wine-coloured toque with the rose gold hue in this look. Rosie accessories like this scarf and these cashmere gloves bring the outfit together and the materials gives it a little more luxe.