chicken parmesan

The other week I had my friend, Kara over for dinner. As I have mentioned previously, I really love hosting and cooking but finding the time to do it can be really difficult (OR THE SPACE!) But Bryon and I finally started doing some updating to our place and subbed out a yuckie looking desk for a beautiful dining table that works perfectly in our 580 sq. ft condo.

That being said, I was so happy I was able to host Kara at our place for dinner (thanks for the bottle of Norman Hardie, Kara!). I made her an easy but impressive dish and she told me several times the chicken was perfect, so I thought I would share my secret with you!

I started the dinner off with warm garlic bread and baked brie with smoked red pepper jelly on top. Gotta keep the guests happy while you finish cooking everything! I put on a Frank Sinatra Christmas record and lit some festive candles for an added touch.

For the full recipe, scroll below the photos!

What You Need:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Onion Powder

Chives (fresh or dried)

Two eggs

Panko Crumbs

Free range chicken pasture grazed chicken

Pasta of your choice & pasta sauce of your choice (I used spinach and cheese pasta sauce)

A side of you choice (I made buttered rainbow carrots


Heat the oven to 470 degrees (YES, 470!)

Prepare the chicken:

In a pinch bowl, combine salt, chives and onion powder. I don't measure it, I just eye it. So use your personal preference on how much you want, just don't overdo it on the onion powder.

In a large bowl, sprinkle in the panko crumbs (again, I eye this based on how many chicken breasts I'm making and you can always add more if needed. Stir in the seasoning from the pinch bowl and make sure it's mixed in well.

In another bowl, crack the eggs and scramble the contents. I prefer to keep the yolk, but it's up to you! One at a time drop in a chicken breast and completely cover it in egg. Then transfer the chicken breasts to the bowl with the panko mixture and roll it around until it is completely covered in a crust.

Then transfer it (I sound like a surgeon doing a transplant) to a cooking sheet covered in foil. If you need to top it off with more panko crust go for it! This is cooking, there are no rules. Repeat with second chicken breast or more.

Once the oven is at 470, pop them in for 20 MINUTES!!! 470 at 20 minutes will make for juicy (but not pink), perfect chicken. I'm not kidding. This tip is life changing.

While the chicken is cooking you can finish making your pasta (I really don't think I need to explain how to cook pasta lol). At about the 15 minute mark, start heating up the pasta sauce and grating some cheese.

Plate the chicken, and pile on the pasta and sauce and then top with cheese!