canadian gifts

Alright, I was obviously going to do a Canada-themed gift guide. One thing I have noticed over the last year or so, is that Canada is a destination that people want to visit...which is AWESOME. I know that Banff is a popular destination amongst the bloggers hahahaha. It's so funny, because Canada can be really rugged. There's a lot of wilderness here and depending on where you go, fashion sometimes comes second. I crack up every time I see another blogger head to Banff wearing their heels and designer clothes...because it's totally a hiker's paradise. You have people who are climbing mountains and sleeping in hammocks off the side of these mountains so the juxtaposition is quite funny. If you go right into Banff people are wandering around with their snowpants on. And I'm not bashing them by any means, because Banff is really beautiful and makes the perfect backdrop for photos and the Fairmont on Lake Louise and in Banff for example, are really classy and beautiful hotels, but I do want to say the best way to experience the west cost of Canada is to dress appropriately and do some hiking or skiing / snowboarding, or rent a paddleboard or kayak and explore the glacier lakes. Places like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are the best cities to take your fancy clothes and heels. These are the cities that make fashion a priority. If you are from the States or another country and you're interested in visiting Canada, let me know - email me, DM me or ask me in the comments below. I've been everywhere except for the northern provinces and Saskatchewan, so I can give you advice on where to go and where to stay etc. (But I recommend the west coast first or the east coast before coming to Toronto.)

If you're looking for Canada-appropriate gifts, I put together a fun little gift guide. Whether you know someone who is traveling here or you ARE Canadian, these are great ideas.

FIRST! THIS Buffalo check coat from Aritzia is AMAZING. my friend Cristina has it and she loves it. I plan on buying it after Christmas (I'm off shopping until I've finished all my Christmas shopping). She says it's best for more mild weather, like around 12 degrees rather than wearing it in the minus temperatures. It's not the warmest. I feel like it would be great for fall, spring and camping etc.

I also love these Mounty-themed items from Drake General. Bryon and I actually have the thermos and we took it with us on a hike last winter and filled it with spiked hot chocolate. We got home six hours later and it was still steaming hot! This tea towel is also so adorable. For those of you who don't know what a Mounty should go here and learn more.

Maple syrup is always a given when it comes to Canadian-themed gifts. I love giving Canadian maple syrup to friends from other countries. It's true, we really do love it and it can go on ANYTHING. I love this Caesar kit!! (A Caesar is a better Bloody Mary...for my American friends. It's Clamato juice, vodka, lime and salt rim, Tabasco, Worcester sauce, pepper and some crazy garnish). I don't actually know anyone who doesn't like this drink, so this is a perfect gift for anyone!

Toques are an absolute necessity in Canada. Winter takes over the majority of our year so toques is part of our daily outfits. I also love the Caribou Sorel boots. They're waterproof, super warm and I actually think they look pretty cute.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you all with too much text, so I've included a widget with everything except for the mounty items, syrup, Caesar kit and the coat from Aritzia :)