HOSTING A GIRLS NIGHT | weekend post cards

girls night

My weekends up until Christmas are pretty busy! This week I have 4 parties to go to this week and I'm already exhausted hahaha. From THIS post, you know that Bryon and I bought a dining table for our condo. This is a big deal for both of us, because neither of us have really had a place to entertain guests over the last few years. I have been really excited to invite friends over for I ended up inviting my friend Kara over for dinner last night. It was also her birthday, so I had to make it extra special.

Bryon was on call and wasn't going to be around so I had full reins to make it super girly. I had been doing some Christmas shopping at Hudson's Bay and the lower floor is my favourite. They have so many pretty things to look at....and eat. Including Sorelle and Co. This bakery is a girly girl's (with a nut and peanut allergy) dream. They sell all the beautiful vegan, gluten-free, nut-free treats and they taste delicious. So I picked up two of the prettiest cupckaes I've ever seen and they also came in the prettiest box. I LOVE Sloane tea, and Kara actually bought me a tin of their Heavenly Cream loose leaf tea for my birthday. I mean, their packaging is stunning! The tea is really good as well. But I did also get a cup of their Peaches and Cream tea at the bakery to go. Anyway, if you're having a girls' night and you live in Toronto, you should treat yourselves to some of their baked goods. Kara loved it. I also had a bottle of Pixie rosé from Rosehall Run winery (Prince Edward County) it's a bubbly and sweet wine, perfect for a girls' night in or hosting girly parties. I usually grab a few bottles when I visit home.

I did make her dinner as well, and I will put the recipe up for my own homemade chicken parmesan this week, so stay tuned for that. I have literally mastered cooking chicken so that it's PERFECT and you're gonna want my tips.

Aside from my adorable girly dinner I really didn't do much other than go to my spin class and get some Christmas shopping done. Bryon and I booked our hotel for our new years weekend getaway...I'll let you know where we are going later. It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend...somewhere very cold.

It's really going to be an insane week for me, so I'm going to do my absolute best to keep up with the blog!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!