gift guide for the tech lover

This is one of my favourite gift guides so far because I love gadgets! If you know someone who is tech obsessed, this gift guide is for you. I've covered all price points so that whether you are shopping for a Secret Santa or you boyfriend there will be something on this guide for you!

Make life easy and organized for the foodie in your life with this iPad holder. It hold cooking utensils and an iPad so things aren't scatters or difficult to reach. I thought this was a great idea.

New home owners will really appreciate being gifted the NEST thermostat. I've always been intrigued by this, especially since I'm keen on saving money when it comes to bills - and I would assume home owner's feel the same.

Phone accessories aren't scarce. I really love this leather cognac phone case you can add your initials to. It's a classic look and great for both guys and girls. When it comes to phone cases I'm definietely the minimalist. I hate flashy phone cases. If you know someone who travels often, this little travel case to keep headphones and cords in is PERFECT! I actually think it's a great idea. And if you have a new iPhone user who is being subjected to the case of no headphone jack, Airpods are a much appreciated gift idea. This driftwood charger is SO cool! I think it would be great for a cottage.

The GoPro Hero6 Black was recently released and it's GREAT. It has more enhanced features than the 5 Black (which I own) and any traveler or person who loves to document action events will really love this gift. If you know a GoPro user, the Mouth Mount is awesome. I want this for my GoPro. It's a super user-friendly hands-free device - great for shooting underwater, surfing, sailing, wakeboarding etc. And also, if someone has a drone on their list and you're willing to splurge, I recommend this one. I have a DJI drone, which I'm happy with, but I might consider the Karma next time. I love GoPro products. I think they produce great quality, and their Karma drone is no exception.

Everyone is going CRAY over these HP Sprockets. Now, I wouldn't go out and buy one, but I also wouldn't be mad if I received them. When I print photos I prefer high quality and so I get my photos printed with Blacks, but in a pinch the Sprocket is a really great idea and I'm sure there are many that would love it. On the subject of photos I love the Fuji Instax. I think these cameras are so much fun!

conscious friends will be excited for this Fitbit - a newer sleek design that doesn't look and feel as bulky.

The latest craze for techies is Google Home. I'll admit this is one home gadget that I actually really want, even for our small condo. I am literally the most unorganized person and I think this would be a huge help.

Everything and more is in the widget below! And sorry for the lack of content this week - things have been getting SO busy with the holidays lately!