We've been doing some re-arranging in our condo. I for sure want to do a condo-tour type of post, but there's still a few things we need to buy / arrange before a I do a full one.

Before I moved in, B didn't have much going on in this condo. A couch, matching chair, IKEA coffee table and $20 IKEA t.v. stand a desk and a bed. I came in with a few more furniture items but the place was basically a mix of mine and his rather than ours. Living in Toronto, we have to live on a budget. Rent prices are high and living expenses are also high. You're looking at paying at least $700,000 for 700 square feet (if you're buying) and the cost of rent has averaged around $2,000 a month for a one bedroom (500-700 square feet). So yeah, we don't have a lot to work with. Since B is a resident he needs to have a space to work, and so the desk made sense...but it also forced us to eat on the couch with our plates in our lap. We never shared a meal together without the t.v. in the background unless we went out for dinner.

Finally we caved and decided to purchase a dining table to replace the desk (table here, and chairs here - linked similar ones below for those who don't have a Structube). We sold the bar stools that sat at the breakfast bar (which B used once) and used that space for storage (we bought a cheap 4-cube shelf from IKEA). That way, Bryon could work at the dining table and still have a space to store his papers so it wasn't cluttered...and I too could work on my blog or videos in a chair and not on the floor and coffee table. We also got a new shelf and updated around bar arrangement, but I'll save that for another post! There's a few different woods happening in our space now hahaha, but it's okay. I LOVE the marble top on our table and it was amazing being able to find something marble that was also affordable!

Anyway, I'm SO excited to be able to invite guests for dinner. I really love hosting, but haven't been able to do it because of our living space. I wanted to share our new updated eating area and also my super cute and cozy outfit!

My jeans are Rag and Bone (FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!! wearing size 25 and they fit perfectly...I have really skinny legs but wider hips compared to my small frame...jean shopping is a nightmare) and this Vince Camuto ribbed knit turtle neck, which is the warmest ever. Couldn't find links to either, but I've linked similar ones. My black pumps are Nine West and you all need to own a pair of classic black pumps...these ones are great because they're real leather so they don't pinch.

I've linked similar items to my decor in the widget below. (Also, the Toronto map is from HERE, and the coordinates underneath "Toronto" are where Bryon and I first met (Cute factor 100, I know lol)

<3 Caitlin