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CHRISTMAS IN THE CITY | weekend post cards

November 20, 2017

 Christmas is here..kind of!


This weekend was the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, which for me, signals that it's time to get ready for Christmas. For my American readers, I know many of you wait until after Thanksgiving (we had ours in October), but I felt like this weekend was a good time to get our decorations out and check out the Christmas Market in the Distillery District.


On Saturday, Bryon's sister and brother-in-law stopped by with his nieces for a visit. The original plan was to go to the CN Tower, but there were low clouds which means no visibility at the top. So we let the girls decorate our tree (we did a little rearranging of it yesterday hahaha) and it was so cute watching them choose ornaments and cluster them all in one area. I have some really cute photos of them, but I didn't want to post them without getting permission from Bryon's sister. After they left we had a few cocktails and went to Oretta (prettiest restaurant!) for dinner with one of Bryon's colleagues and his girlfriend. Many more gin cocktails were consumed and Sunday morning was a little rough around the edges. It's so funny, I used to be a seasoned partier back in my twenties and now I rarely go out because the hassle of the hangovers is just not worth it anymore hahaha. It was a really great night though.


Sunday, Bryon went to hockey in the morning and after that his mom came to our place and the three of us went to the Christmas Market. I LOVE the Christmas Market. First of all, the Distillery District is such a cool spot. It's all old brick factory buildings from when Goderman and Worts was actively distilling. Of course, it shut down many many years ago, but the buildings remained. It's now full of cool restaurants and boutique shops. I just love the cobble stone walk-ways. I'll likely go back to the market again after work one night (it's free on week nights) and get some mulled wine. It was a good time to go because it's so early - people aren't ready to do Christmas things yet. I took advantage of that hahaha. I took a few photos but I'm not overly happy with them - I didn't want to spend my entire time taking photos, so next time I go back I'll hopefully get some more.


I hope you all have an amazing week!!


<3 Caitlin


















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