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gift guide for guys

Hey there!

I know it's early November, but Christmas is only a few paycheques away! I am not a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping because I hate spending a large sum of money at once. I start shopping around this time for gifts. So, Wednesday's are going to be dedicated to gift guys for a few weeks!

Last year, Bryon made it easy on me. He mentioned that he wanted a leather messenger bag for work, and since he was using a backpack (he's a doctor...) I decided to make the purchase. Of course, I did get him a few other items as well, but that was his big ticket item. This year he says he there is "nothing he wants..." mmmmhmmmm. Right. So I'm trying to find some items that I can get him! It you are also stuck on what to get your man, brother, father or gay husband or friend...I've put together a guide of manly items that may help you out!

Leather gloves are always a good choice. They are always a great gift, even if they have another pair. I recommend a pair that's lined, especially if you live in colder climate areas like Canada. I think THESE and THESE are both really great choices! While we're on the topic of male accessories, if your guy is a dapper dude, these suspenders and this wing-tipped belt would make a great gift! I especially love the belt. A money clip is always a nice touch for classy guys as well, especially if they often wear a suit.

I always get Bryon fun socks and Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The socks are my favorite. These taco socks and these patterned socks are great! I usually order his from The Bay because they have such a great selection, but you can buy cool socks anywhere. I've gotten home milk and cookies, cacti, conversation hearts, waffles...just to name a few. He loves them. And Calvin Klein boxer briefs are THE softest...B also loves them.

Thug Kitchen cookbooks are always great for guys who love cooking. Yes, they are veggie, but you can add meat to any of the recipes. B and I made lots from the original book last year. The one I've suggested is their party food book - I figured guys would really appreciate that hahaha. I also listed a subscription to The Gentlemen's Box. B gets this every month and it really is awesome. It always comes with sock and a tie and a few other manly items as well. I think it would make an awesome gift for a guy.

What guy doesn't love music? This wireless Bluetooth speaker is a bit of a splurge. But it has a really sleek design, and delivers high-quality sound. I think any music lover would appreciate that. But if you have a guy who appreciates something a little less modern and more classic, this record player is bomb. B got one for Christmas last year and it was the best gift. We love going to record stores to look at old and new records. It just has a cool sound and it's nice enjoying an old record with a cocktail after dinner. Now, if you want your dude to listen to music without you having to listen to it these Bose headphones are awesome. Comfortable and stylish!

Of course I'm going to recommend a messenger bag. If bae is still lugging his laptop around in a backpack and he's over 25 it's time to help him adult lol. I love this Fossil bag! Leather is durable, and this style is anything but feminine. Help a brother out ladies...give him an upgrade.

After a long day at work...after dinner....after the gym, a guy's gotta relax. Love the idea of a masculine robe, like this one and comfortable pair of slippers that don't make you feel like you're hanging out with you grandfather. Moccasins are awesome, they look good and they are the most comfortable. These one are actually incredibly affordable too! Kiehl's always has the best hygiene products for men, like this soap. It would make a great stocking stuffer! And if your guy needs a toiletry bag upgrade, this Herschal one is really nice.