Sephora beauty insider event

Hi friends! Who is shopping the Sephora VIB event this week? If you're a RIB Rouge member, you already have access to it, but if you're like me, and you're a VIB member, you start the 20% off sale on Friday. This is a great event to take advantage of if you buy anything (at all!) from Sephora because they NEVERRRRR have sales. I like to stock up on items I already use, but it's also great for Christmas shopping as well!

So what is in my checkout? These are items I use all the time, or have tried and love. I thought it would be a nice reminder for you guys incase you've noticed something I've used in a previous blog and have wanted to try it.

Philosophy Face Cleanser and the Face Wipes...I NEVER allow myself to run out of either without a backup. This cleanser has made an improvement in my skin, and these wipes are the only ones I can use without causing my skin breakouts. Def. recommend giving it a try.

Blush: The NARS Orgasm blush has been a long time favourite of mine. The colour is complimentary on anyone's skin and has a beautiful tropical-like sheen to it.

Bye Bye Undereyes: This product is honestly a hit or miss with many. I personally love it. I actually won't be putting this in my cart because I recently bought one and it will last me until at least the next sale. I use it under my eyes when I'm really sleepy or just need to brighten my face.

When I set Bye Bye Undereyes, I use the urban Decay Velvetizer. It looks like a filter on your face and it decreases creasing throughout the day. You can also mix it with your foundation and it's great for sweat-proof makeup. I absolutely love this stuff. IF you can get your hands on it...add it to your cart!

I'm for sure adding my favourite foundation, the Josie Maran Vibrancy foundation to my cart. This is my all-time favourite foundation and it makes my skin look so beautiful. The argan oil is an added bonus if you are preventing signs of aging.

I recently started using Verb hair products and I am hooked on them. The shampoo and conditioner I've been using has really made my hair so much healthier than it was. It leaves my hair soft and fluffy after washes!

I sculpt my brows with the brow whiz pencil and brow definer by Anastasia. I've been using both for a few years now. I find both really easy to control and manipulate.

I have to splurge on my favourite moisturizer and exfoliator. The cost is a tough pill to swallow, but what these products have done for my skin and their defence against aging is priceless. I kid you not, these two are my soldiers against aging lol. Even if you are in your twenties you will appreciate these two products. If you're looking to invest in your skin, start with these two.

I also used this product by Drunk Elephant in October when I went to Seattle. Since I was drinking and not drinking enough being a plane my skin was quenched. This product really helped solved the problem and brought life back to my skin.

And finally, after trying a sample of Fenty's primer, I figured it was time to make a cheaper switch from my uber expensive Hourglass primer. I love this consistency of this product and its lasting power.

Would love to hear what you guys are buying. You can see my picks in the widget below as well!