Happy Monday everyone! I totally went MIA last week, so you didn't see any content from me. However, this week, I have a post tomorrow about what I'm getting at the VIB Sephora sale, a fashion post and Friyay Affordables as well.So hopefully you come back to see those.

This weekend Bryon and I went back to my family's home in Prince Edward County. It was pretty chilly, but it's always nice to see it in the fall. It was also the kick off of Countylicious (an event where various restaurants participate in a fixed priced menu (soooo good) and we went to the Agrarian Saturday evening before we headed back to Toronto. Agrarian has an absolutely delicious menu! They also have a way cool speakeasy in the basement, so if you do go there for dinner sometime, make sure you have an after-dinner drink down there.

Anyway, during the day on Saturday we went shopping and stopped at Norman Hardie for some wine (and Christmas shopping). We sipped on a glass of wine each by the outdoor fire pit and actually shot my fashion look there for Thursday's posts. One of the perks of being from the County is that I know a lot about the hidden gems that tourists tend to skip over. Everyone always wants to check out the 'well-known' wineries (Norman Hardie, Huff Estate's etc.) Rosehall Run is another one of my favourites. They have this sparkling rosé called Pixie that is the absolutely perfect wine for a girls night. They have another white sparkling as well called indigo named after their black lab who recently passed away. I maintain that Hinterland has my heart when it comes to sparkling wines, but these two bottles are so beautiful. I highly recommend going there...and it's just down the road from Norman Hardie's.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

I edited the photos in this post with my own orange and teal preset on Lightroom. I loved the way the grape containers looked with the teal edit against orange.

(above - you may have seen this photo if you follow me on Instagram)

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