charcuterie board

Living in a small condo, Bryon and I don't have the opportunity to entertain often...we usually just entertain ourselves. Last weekend, Bryon was on call and I only saw him bed while he was sleeping. Which is why I didn't have a weekend post cards. So on Monday I was so excited to see him and was looking forward to a night in. I had always wanted to make a charcuterie board but never really had a reason - not that you need one. I love meeting friends at a wine bar and sharing one, but I always wanted to make my own. Since B and I were going to have a night in together, I thought, why not!

I had so much fun going to the grocery store and buying everything. There were so many delicious cheeses to choose from so it was cool checking them all out. You can build a board any way you want, but I thought I would share how I built mine! I ended up spending about $50 CAD, which I don't think is too bad, since I did select the 'good stuff' when it came to everything.

First, you need a board. Slate and wood probably look the best. I had a wood cutting board that I used, but I would love to buy a large slate serving board for future charcuterie nights hahaha.

Next select a few different types of gourmet cheeses. You can go to a 'premium' grocery store to find these. I went to Loblaw's at Maple Leaf's amazing. I grabbed Oka cheese (one of my faves) brie, whiskey cheddar and Gouda. I would have loved to have blue cheese, but Bryon doesn't like harsh "stinky" cheese and he's also allergic to mould. So I steered away from those. I arranged each block on the board with a set of cheese knives I got in Switzerland. You can buy cheese knives anywhere, and they're great to have!

Next I sliced up two fresh baguettes. I didn't fit the whole baguettes on the board hahaha, but I arranged a few slices of each. The baguettes were still warm when I bought them, which was a great bonus! They were so fresh, and tastes amazing with the cheese! I also added a handful of crostinis as well. Both baguettes and crostinis were from Ace Bakeries, which you can purchase at most grocery stores in Southern Ontario.

The meats I selected actually came in an antipasto package, which ultimately saved me some money. There was prosciutto, Genoa Salami and another meat but I don't remember what it was. You can select any type of cured meat you want (you can also go meat-free!), but these ones were really great and the marbling on them made the board look really nice.

I like sauces and dip, and my mom usually had a date and fig chutney that she puts out with cheese and crackers when she's entertaining. I went searching through the store like a mad woman, and found Mrs. Bridges' date and fig chutney and grabbed it. Yeah, it was pricey, but it's going to last us longer than this board did hahaha. It was a really nice touch, and tasted amazing with everything. I also really love olives, B does not. I thought fresh olives looked pretty, and I also wanted to eat them hahaha.

You can also add nuts (I'm allergic to peanuts and most nuts, so I did not do this) but walnuts and almonds are really complimentary to charcuterie boards. Some cheeses taste great with a little natural honey drizzled top as well. It was just the two of us, so I kept it relatively simple.

B brought home an amazing bottle of wine (which he splurged on a bit) and we polished it all off (including the wine) over cheesy scary movies. It was a really great night in!

To see more of my board, check out the images below!

<3 Caitlin