You guys know I'm not much of an indoor-sy kinda girl. I love being outside and going to new places. Of course, I also know that you need to dress practical if you're going to enjoy the experience hahaha. As a blogger, I'm supposed to "always be on". I can't say this is true all the time, but I do want to feel good about myself even when I'm in the woods. I went to an event last week for Roots and got this responsibly sourced down-filled packable jacket. I was so excited to get this jacket because I knew it would be perfect for my fall and winter adventures - and early spring as well.

It comes in a few different colours, but I was happy to get the salt and pepper pattern. I took it with me on a hike to Mount Nemo on the weekend and it was a little warm for fall weather, so I didn't necessarily need it. That wasn't a big deal, because it packs into itself! There's a little pouch in one of the pockets, so it was easy to pack up, carry on my wrist, or we could pack it into our camera backpack without worrying about the extra weight on our back. It was perfect and SO warm. This will also be perfect for camping, and I plan on using it to wear under my snowboard shell (jacket) when I go snowboarding this winter to keep me extra warm on icy cold days.

The jacket is rain proof, the material is durable so it stops itself from ripping if you get a tear...and did I say it's warm? hahaha. If you live in an area where the climate is unpredictable, or gets super cold, this jacket will be great. I can't wait to get some wear out of it and the weather cools down!

Pants: Teeki Shoes: Nike Thermal Top: American Eagle Jacket: Roots (I'm wearing an XS for size reference. Roots generally fits larger) Sports Bra: Bise (I SWEAR BY THESE BRAS!!! You can only order them if you live in the US...mine was sent to me.)

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<3 Caitlin

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