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I never really thought my hair was that great. First off, it's very fine, which means it damages very easily. I also don't have a lot of it, so on it's own, there's not much I can do with it. My style always falls flat. Most of you see me with my hair extensions, and generally, unless I'm at work, going to spin class or the gym, I'm probably wearing them. They're just one of those things that give me a little extra confidence boost (we all have those). I'm not ready to do a full hair tutorial yet (what extensions I use, how I put them in / style my hair) but I would love to share the products I use to give my hair that extra push it needs to look good.

One thing you should know is that I don't colour my hair. I haven't for probably about 5 years now. I really love my natural hair colour, and until I start going grey, I'm going to continue going au natural. This does help with less damage, which is great in my case.

As for products, here's what I love:

The shampoo I use is VERB and I use the hydration shampoo and conditioner. It's probably the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. And yes, $18CAD a piece is kind of insane, but my hair isn't exactly easy to manage. These guys keep me going two days no wash (with a little dry shampoo, of course) but after drying my hair it's so fluffy and soft! Verb's whole line is great, so if you can justify the expense, I promise you will love me for the recommendation. Especially if you have hair like mine.

9/10 times I add a volume spray. I usually use THIS one by Eva NYC, but sometimes I switch it up. I always go back to this one though, and my bottle has lasted forever!! (you do need to run the cap under water from time to time because the build up makes it stick and it doesn't spray)

I always use this leave in conditioner spray from Briogeo. It's so amazing and leaves my ends silky smooth. It's a great product, especially if you struggle with frizz. I love the way my hair looks and feels when I use this product.

Dry shampoo is a must for me, and I usually end up using it the day after I wash (yup, that's how fine my hair is). I rely on a good old drug store brand and this product never let's me down. My friend Jenn also swears by it and she has a completely different hair type than I - it's cheap and cheerful and gets the job done. If you're into more high-end products, I love this one.

That's really all I use for products. I've tried so many since my teens and this is what works the best for me without causing too much build-up, or unnatural looking styles. Again, I usually have clip-in hair extensions in as well to add volume and at the moment length. If I'm not wearing them, I usually straighten my hair with a GHD flat iron, or curl it (and I use a curling iron I bought for $40 and it works just fine.) I do believe in investing in a good hair dryer, because the high-end ones really do make a difference.

In the widget below, I've linked some other items I really love like the hair ties I use, combs brushes etc. and also some products I think are great but don't necessarily use all the time!

I hope you find this post helpful!

<3 Caitlin