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fall jackets

Soon enough, there's going to be a chill in the air and we won't be leaving the house without grabbing a jacket or blazer...or worse - MITTENS.

Fall jackets are a must in my neck of the woods, but they certainly make an outfit look great. Right now, the hottest trends are satin and velvet and I'm really digging it. Both add a beautiful sultry feel to an outfit. A little 80's and a little 90's, but I'm okay with bringing back old trends that are reconstructed.

For example: This SATIN DUSTER is so fabulous. Will it provide you warmth? No. But it will provide you style. I think it would be awesome with an all black outfit. I also love this ROBE STYLE satin blazer. The colour and style of it are awesome and perfect for a fall outfit.

If we're going for some basics, I like basics with a twist. Like this DOUBLE BREASTED blazer and FLARED SLEEVED blazer. Both are appropriate for work and weekends - it's all in how you style them. I'm a practical girl outside fashion. If it's the weekend and I don't have plans to be seen (i.e. I'm outside hiking or doing something outdoorsy) you will not see me in a put together "off duty" outfit. I'm just not that girl. My hair loses the extensions, it goes in a pony, maybe a ball cap and I get my leggings on. The fall weather here is a mix of hot as f$ck, raining and cold as f$ck or frigid with a frost warning and chance of flurries (now you understand why I hate this season so much), so a practical jacket is a NEED not a NICE TO HAVE. This O'NEIL jacket is great for hiking and running errands. It will keep you dry and relatively warm in a light drizzle. Also, a solid denim jacket can never do you wrong in multiple situations.

The velvet trend is probably my favourite right now. I love what it can bring to an outfit. H&M came through for your girl! This BLUE VELVET jacket is so amazing. I really love the colour and style. Take a leather jacket and swap the leather for velvet and you have this rad VELVET JACKET. Love this style, it would rock really well with black or dark jeans.

There is one particular jacket in this collage that I am so obsessed with (sadly, the XS is not available right now, otherwise I would buy it immediately.) I love this MILITARY JACKET with tribal embroidery. It's so amazing! I contemplated getting the small, but the model is wearing an XS and it still looks a little loose, so I picture myself swimming in the small. But if it's in your size, you should get it! (it's also on sale bigtime)

In the widget below, I've curated several other jackets that are perfect for fall and all are under $100USD. Happy browsing / shopping

<3 Caitlin (Enjoy your weekend!!)