best primers

A common beauty question: "Do I actually need primer?"

My personal answer, and I'm not beauty expert is yes AND no. Yes if you plan on wearing makeup for extened periods of time and you experience creasing and no if you don't have creasing, you don't have oily skin and you don't have an issue with your makeup not lasting throughout the day. It is an extra step in your makeup routine and it is an extra item you need to buy.

I was never a primer person until I received a sample of Hourglass Veil Mineral primer maybe 2 years ago, and I was hooked. There wasn't any creasing and my eyeshadow stayed put throughout the day and sometimes into engagements I had planned after work. It became my ride or die, but of course I still experimented with others and found a few that served me for other purposes or as a secondary option.

Here are my favourites and why I love them - in case you're in the market to try something new. (no particular order)

1. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This product is VERY expensive. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't love it, because the price tag is kind of extreme. HOWEVER, it is the one primer that really does its job. It legitimately works, and it glides on your skin and basically repels water. It's pretty cool stuff.

2. Fenty Beauty Primer

This is a brand new product, and I can already tell from the sample I received that I'm going to be buying many full-sized bottles of this product...and possibly bumping Hourglass for this one. It's has a lotion consistency which is great for moisturizing, and it works just as well as Hourglass. I just like this consistency much more than the ladder. It just feels better on my skin - like something that you should put on your skin. I high recommend you run into the Sephora to try a sample of this one.

3.L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer

If you're limited to drug store products because you're trying to save money, this primer is great. It does an okay job, but it also adds a pretty little glow to your face. Tip: Mix it with your foundation for a beautiful dewy look.

4. Benefit Pore Fessional

I don't really have a huge problem with pores, maybe a little around my cheeks, but I'll use this if I have texture on my face or I need a really flawless look. If you do have issues with pores, this primer will literally be a saviour for your foundation woes. It gets rave reviews for good reason.

5. Too Faced Hangover

LOVE THIS. When my face is quenched (ie when I'm hungover or dehydrated or just looking a little tired I use this. The coconut in this formula really helps to hydrate the skin and bring some life back into it. While it produces great results, it's not one that I would use everyday, but I do rely it on often. If you have issues with dehydrated or tire-looking skin, this is a great product to add to your collection.

6. Smashbox Photo Finish

Probably my least favourite primer to be honest, I still like it. If Sephora offers it as a sample, I often add it to my order. It's decent enough, but I'm not the biggest fan on the consistency / the way it applies, but it works. I love the tinted one the most because it's perfect for neutralizing the eyes and adding a nice base. And it does work really well.

I hope this helps with your decision when making a primer purchase, or even confirming whether or not your actually need to buy it!

<3 Caitlin