SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE FOR ABGT250 | weekend post cards

I am back from Seattle and what a weekend it was!

First of all, I had no idea how beautiful Washington State is. It is very similar to the west coast of Canada, which comes as no surprise since it’s directly below Canada. But LORD it was frickin’ cold. Seriously, Toronto is much warmer. I feel like I got a small taste of winter camping over the weekend hahaha. That aside, I have lots to dish to you guys about my awesome weekend with CID Entertainment at ABGT250.

One of my besties, Jenn, (also known as @thejenniferdoll on Instagram) shares a love of music festivals with me. Since she invited me to my first music festival when I was 28, I’ve never looked back. I love everything about them. From the free freak card you get for the whole weekend (literally anything goes when it comes to fashion, and I absolutely love how people embrace this) to the wild light shows and glow sticks and fibre optic toys people bring. I know, there is for sure a heavy drug scene associated with music festivals – especially EDM festivals, but that's not my scene and I steer clear of that and I still have a great time (in fact, I advise that anyone steer clear of that scene because it's not worth it). It’s just an exciting vibrant scene and everyone is having so much fun. While I love country music, I actually found the vibe with those festivals to be a little too rowdy for me (Not a huge fan of belligerent drunks who urinate on cars and tents) So when she asked me to go glamping with her at ABGT250 2 hours outside of Seattle I said absolutely! This was by far the best music festival I’ve been to. The venue was absolutely UNREAL, my photos just don’t do it justice.

We were fortunate enough to have gotten the Oasis glampsites. The crowd there ranged from 28-38+, and it was nice and quiet after the festival so falling asleep wasn’t a problem. They provided us with cots to sleep on, a sleeping bag we could take home, a pillow, an area rug and a bamboo side table with a solar lamp for the evening. Everyone got a long really well and were super friendly. We had a great time drinking beers during the day and getting to know each other. It was such an awesome experience.

Of course, Jenn and I are 32, so we ended up leaving early on Sunday to head back to Seattle – we partied a little too hard on Saturday and had a little hangover hahaha. The scenery back to Seattle was amazing. We didn’t get to appreciate it on the way there because Jenn picked me up from the airport on Friday night and it was dark. So we both loved seeing the hill-y terrain. One unfortunate thing was there are a ton of wild fires in the state (same with Alberta and British Columbia in Canada right now too) and the air was smokey and hazy from the fires. At one point the smoke was so thick we could barely see our surroundings and breathing was difficult. That aside, a beautiful drive.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get see much of Seattle. Like I said, we were exhausted and ended up having a long nap in our hotel before going for dinner in the city at a really delicious place called Lark (the restaurant itself was beautiful!). I’d love to go back again and experience the city and its surroundings. There’s so many places I want to go, it’s tough to fit them all in hahaha. What are some places you guys want to visit? I’d love to know what your travel bucket list is.

I have a very hectic week coming up – New Zealand is Friday! Tomorrow I have an appointment after work (medical aesthetics) and then Wednesday after work is mani pedi night (can’t go away looking like a hobo!) Thursday I have spin class and I need to pack. Also, Jenn is coming home to Canada for a few days tomorrow night, so she’s hoping to meet up with Bryon and myself this week, ANNNND my friend Blair who is also a Toronto blogger (check out here blog HERE) asked me to go on a sushi date, so we’ll see what I can fit in.

There’s a lot of traveling happening over here! I’m so excited to go though!

Hope you’re off to a good start this week