Toronto smells like like fall, so I know it's coming. I'm not a fan of transition seasons because I hate not knowing what to wear or having to sling a jacket over my arm when I leave the house. But I don't mind SOME of the fashions.

First off, I love this sweater! It comes in TONS of different colours, but I was so drawn to this shade when I was shopping at the Nordstrom sale the other month. It's such a flattering colour on everyone, it's fun to colour block it with and it's easy to style. I also bought a dress in this colour (by the same brand) which I'm wearing to a wedding in New Zealand at the end of the month.

I love the Leith brand at Nordstrom. They have the most beautiful clothing and a lot of it is perfect to wear to work and outside of work, which is something I really appreciate. I hate spending my money on expensive clothing and only being able to wear it a couple times.

It was Toronto Fashion Week I styled this outfit so I knew I could get away with something edgy. I styled the sweater with a fun leather skirt of tassels. I bought it years ago from H&M and it always comes in handy. I love mixing conservative and edgy together. The open toe booties are perfect as well, and I love the laser cut-out. You would be hard pressed to find the same style, so I linked a similar pair for you guys in case you want to recreate this look.

Tomorrow I am off to Seattle after work. It's going to be a long and boring flight and I'm flying with United. A company is sending myself and my friend Jenn ( you can follow her on Instagram HERE) have paid flight and accommodation to glamp at ABGT250 for the weekend. I am so excited to get to spend time with her again. It's tough because she lives in New York, so twice in a month is a blessing. I'm a little stressed though because I get back Monday night and then I have like 3 nights to prepare for our New Zealand trip, but I'm going to need some time to recover from the music festival AND the time difference. EEEKKK wish me luck!

I hope you guys are PUMPED I am back with some fashion looks! I very happy to have time to shoot them again

<3 Caitlin